5 Best Features Your PMS Must Have

5 Best Features Your PMS Must Have

As a dental care provider, your priority is bonding with patients. However, it is often overlooked owing to administrative tasks like paperwork, billing and scheduling. To eliminate the stress related to paperwork, dental practices have started harnessing the power of practice management software (PMS). This is definitely a huge step towards the success of a dental practice. Since an efficient PMS has an important role to benefit your practice, it is therefore important for you to do some exercise before opting a particular one.

Here are the top features your PMS must have. Let’s walk through them:

Integration with EHR
EHR or Electronic Health Records must work together in coordination with the practice management software. It reduces the efforts of your billing staff. The data needs to be entered only once, thereby helping in speeding up the process. Further, the PMS will automatically pull the information from the EHR.

Integrating EHR and practice management systems multiplies revenue as having all the data at one place makes it easier to organize the claims and submit them to the payers. So, a lot of things get fixed along with errors by simply having a PMS that integrates with EHR.

Automation and Efficiency
Taking advantage of automated features, you can easily improve your practice’s bottom line. It helps your practice with day-to-day operations, like taking off the burden of your front office, allowing patients to request an appointment online and by verifying eligibility verification on a real-time basis.

All thanks to its billing and scheduling features that make it easier to update patient records. It is a system that best matches your practice’s needs and will play a huge role in your practice’s success.

Security in the dental industry has become a major obstacle. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your PMS has a number of security features. To help your dental practice remain compliant with HIPPA, you must have a robust and secure system with the latest and tested security features.

Reporting helps you understand where your practice stands financially. A PMS can help you design robust reports that give you an in-depth look at what’s happening with your practice. Reports can be created in less time. It also allows you to apply analytics to the data to offer a comprehensive look at key indicators.

Gone are the days when patients used to book appointments on paper. A PMS with an efficient scheduling system helps practices keep their schedule full and get patients in quickly. So, always go for a software that includes appointment scheduling feature. It makes easier to set follow-up sessions and reschedule patients when they call to cancel appointment at the last moment.

Right from scheduling all the organizational tasks to improve workflow and adding productivity, our PMS is meant for practices of all sizes. Practices that underestimate the importance of having a reliable PMS could be falling short of revenue and patient retention. Do not forget to look for these features when selecting a PMS for your practice. Not only it helps to streamline billing but also save time for patients and staff.

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