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Dental Insurance Billing

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  • $999 setup charges waived.
  • Trial of billing services for initial 30 days.
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  • Higher and regular collections but lower operational costs.
  • Personalized accounts manager to handle all billing outsourcing needs.
  • Customized services for all sizes of dental offices.

Our billing specialists facilitate maximum revenue for your dental offices by neutralizing coding errors, non-reimbursed claims, under pricing or missed charges.


    Dental Credentialing

    PPO/HMO & Medicaid Credentialing

    Service Description Standard Pricing Discounted/Bulk Pricing
    Full Credentialing PPO/HMO $119 per application $99 per application for 10 or more
    Re-Credentialing $99 per application
    Full Credentialing Medicaid $225 per application $199 each for 3 or more insurances
    Full Medicare Enrollment $350 $325

    Medicare Credentialing

    Enrollment Type Price Per Application Per Provider
    Full Medicare Enrollment (provider + location) $350
    Add Provider (If location is already credentialed) $230
    Add Location (If provider is already credentialed) $199

    Dental Insurance Verification

    The prices of our dental insurance verification services are as under:

    • New Patient Verification $4.99
    • Any Rush/Urgent Verification $1 Additional
    • $200 set-up charges waived

    Dental Patient Statement

    The pricing for our dental patient statement services is as under:

    • $3.99 per patient statement cycle (3 statements).

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