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December 2, 2022
Dental Billing – Expectation Vs. Reality

Dental Billing – Expectation Vs. Reality

It is essential to have transparency in every relationship, whether it be professional or personal. Likewise, when you outsource dental billing
November 14, 2022

What does a dental credentialing specialist do?

To understand the credentialing specialist role, first, you need to understand dental credentialing. The dental provider and the insurer
November 14, 2022

Is dental billing difficult?

Proper treatment and care are the primary focus of the provider. Submitting the correct claims helps to improve collection rates and increase cash flow.
November 14, 2022

Why is dental billing important?

Dental billing can make or break your dental practice. It is a complex process, and even the slightest error can cause huge revenue loss. It is vital to entail what
November 14, 2022

How do I increase collections in my dental office?

One of the many challenges in dental practices is their dental collection process. It can get out of control due to lack of training
November 14, 2022

How is dental coding done?

For proper reimbursements, dental coding plays a crucial role. Unlike medical billing, it involves a different set of codes that is often confusing and critical.
October 20, 2022

Why is dental marketing important?

For dental practices, digital marketing is one of the best ways to compete, grow, and thrive. The dental marketing plan helps
October 20, 2022

Can providers see patients before payer credentialing is done?

Provider credentialing is the process of verification of competency, and if the provider wants to start early
October 19, 2022

Why do providers need to be credentialed?

Provider credentialing regulates the qualification and ensures the credibility of the provider that the patient has chosen.