capline dental services

Dental Patient Statement Services Company

Capline Dental Services specializes in generating easy to understand dental patient statements to inform patients about their due balance. Clear, concise and timely dental patient statements services result in higher and quicker payment rate, hence contributing positively to your revenue.

On your practice’s behalf, our experts bill your patients for their due balance amount on the services rendered. We understand the importance of timely payments for a dental practice and follow-up at regular interval with patients to ensure that the due balance is paid. This, in turn, benefits your practice by reducing costs and saving time of your staff, hence leading to a better patient experience.

Our Dental Patient Statement Services Include:

  • Review patient accounts
  • Send patient statements periodically to patients
  • Regular follow-ups with patients for outstanding patient balance
  • Small balance write-offs
  • Weekly & monthly management reports

How Our Dental Patient Statement Company Works?

  • We send statements to patients at regular intervals to ensure consistent revenue flow.
  • We provide our contact number on the statement so that patients get to connect with us directly.
  • We provide exemplary customer services to patients by addressing their concerns and assisting them in interpreting their EOBs.
  • We persistently strive to collect the balance due to the practice by sending the patient statement thrice and on-call follow-ups with the patient.
  • Based on the practice’s criteria, we work with patients to set-up payment plans, if needed. If the patient balance still remains outstanding after all our efforts, it is only then we recommend for the account to be turned over to a collection agency or an attorney.