capline dental services

About Us


Capline Dental, an end-to-end service provider, offers a full spectrum of services for dental practices, ranging from credentialing and insurance verification to insurance billing. We eliminate the day-to-day operational stress so that you can concentrate on smiles. We are owned and managed by highly experienced dental professionals who know what it takes to sustain a trusted dental practice that delivers a rich blend of quality and precision to its patients.

The Team

Our entire team is exclusively focused on providing you with insurance billing, credentialing, insurance verification and other services that are customized to your precise needs and are rendered with complete regard to your patient community. Our team members will stay in constant touch with you to ensure that your requirements are met in a timely manner. Call us to speak with our friendly staff and learn more about how we can serve you.


Capline Dental provides you with weekly and monthly reports for clarity and insights into the billed amounts and progress in collection for your dental practice. We leverage state-of-the-art MIS solutions to provide you with actionable reports that are delivered as per a timetable. As a result, you will always have complete access to the critical information you require to take decisions, streamline strategy and make course corrections. We can also design customized reporting systems to suit your specific reporting requirements.


Capline Dental is fully committed to providing the highest quality of service to the entire dental fraternity. Our total process refinement and innovative strategies help us to address your needs flawlessly and in a highly cost-effective manner, while you take care of your patients. We believe that a structured and methodical approach to service delivery eliminates pitfalls and potential gaps in the service.

Dedicated Support

Capline Dental’s highly experienced and dedicated account managers are trained to understand your needs and transcend your expectations. Our account managers are well-versed with the nuances of our field and will always remain on the same wavelength as you.

They are always standing by to facilitate service delivery while you stay preoccupied with the demanding challenges of our profession. Call us at (888) 666-0604 to know how you can partner with Capline Dental for your insurance billing, credentialing, insurance verification and other needs.