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March 19, 2021

How To Avoid Errors In Dental Credentialing?

Dental Credentialing is very vital in today’s competitive environment. With a multitude of dental practices being open, patients
March 17, 2021

What is the impact of Artificial Intelligence on Dental Billing?

Artificial intelligence has become the mainstay in dentistry for dental professionals when it comes to diagnosis and surgeries.
March 15, 2021

Dental codes to follow for bulletproof compliance

Many rules and regulations have been established by dental boards, such as The Occupational Safety and Health Administration
March 12, 2021

Guide to make your dental practice more profitable in 2021

If you are a dentist, you would need to reinvent your practice to make it more profitable in a post-Covid world. Dental practices have
March 10, 2021

What is account receivables management?

The word "receivables" in account receivables represent the sum of payment not received. Every dental clinic has a right to get
March 8, 2021

How to avoid the four most common Dental Billing errors?

Even though plenty of dental billing tools are available in the market, dental billing errors still occur! Some errors are caused by
March 5, 2021

How can dental providers overcome billing challenges?

The availability of new-age tools and software has transformed dental practices. However, managing dental billing processes
March 3, 2021

Tips to Improve your Dental Collections

Ask any dentistry business and they will tell you that collections are a priority. It is quite a simple process, your practice
March 1, 2021

How to tackle common denial management scenarios

As per the American Dental Association (ADA), nearly 65% of Americans have dental coverage. This is why it is vital to educate