Why Outsourcing Dental Billing Is A Good Idea?

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Why Outsourcing Dental Billing Is A Good Idea?

Efficient dental billing outsourcing has been considered essential for the smooth operation of dental practices. The focus of the dental office is primarily directed at patients. However, the financial aspect can’t be overlooked. Without adequate funds, dental offices cannot serve patients and would risk going out of business. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that profits from services rendered are collected promptly.  

Capline Dental Services provides valuable insights into the benefits of outsourcing dental billing,  which can help save both time and money. 

Increased accounts receivable through outsourcing: 

It’s worth noting that uncollected insurance revenue amounts to around 9% of the yearly production. That is why keeping track of Accounts Receivable (AR) or the money owed to the dental practice is crucial for ensuring consistent cash flow.  

Unresolved claims can disrupt finances, which is why it’s vital to stay on top of AR. One way to do this is by outsourcing to third-party services such as Capline Dental Services. This allows the practice to expand while still providing quality patient care. 

Dental billing outsourcing takes over insurance verification: 

Verifying a patient’s eligibility, coverage, and benefits ensures insurance claim approval. By outsourcing this process, you can guarantee that payment for services is received. The outsourcing company will gather all necessary details like the effective date of coverage, correct dental codes for procedures, waiting periods, fee schedules, deductibles, and maximums.  

They will also ensure that required documentation with details for claim submissions are accurate,  such as payer ID, address, and phone number. Additionally, you can rest assured that the coverage percentage for each category, missing tooth clause, and coverage for dental procedures like cleaning, tooth grafting, tooth implant, and crowns are all taken care of.  

With the outsourcing company handling everything, you can focus on providing excellent patient care. 

Appointment scheduling by dental billing outsourcing: 

One of the challenges dental teams experience is handling phone calls regarding appointment scheduling.  With busy schedules and a high volume of calls, it is not uncommon for patients to be put on hold or to go unanswered. That can lead to missed appointments and a loss of revenue for the practice. 

Fortunately, outsourcing appointment scheduling can alleviate this problem. By allowing a third party to handle scheduling, re-scheduling, and follow-up appointments, the dental team can focus on providing excellent patient care without worrying about missed calls. The result is a more efficient and effective practice that can serve patients better. 

Data entry by dental billing outsourcing: 

Making mistakes while entering data can impact the approval of the claim. The insurer won’t receive the claim submission form in case of errors, typos, or missing information. Sadly, the most common mistake is the result of rushing or having too much on the staff’s plate. It is an easy fix to avoid unnecessary setbacks. Dental billing outsourcing will check the information before sending the form to the insurer.

Dental billing outsourcing sends clean claims: 

It’s great to know that the dental team is always busy, which can sometimes result in missed or incorrect documentation. Thankfully, outsourcing can keep dental offices ahead of the game for dental codes, trends, billing rules, and timely claims submissions. Plus, it’s always reassuring to know that these services are HIPAA-compliant. Every insurance company has different requirements. Through outsourcing to a third party like Capline Dental Services, the dental practices get help fulfilling all the dental billing needs. 

Improving dental billing efficiency can be achieved through outsourcing to a company that can maximize annual revenue collections. It is crucial to take the time to fully understand the services provided by the company, including their processes and technology and how they align with your needs. Additionally, it’s crucial to review the contract terms and fee structure and identify potential hidden costs. Being thorough in these areas can ensure a successful partnership and optimal financial outcomes for your dental office.