Alabama Dental Billing & Collection

There are tonnes of complexities and procedures that fall behind smoothening the entire process. Many dentists need a helping hand with the fundamental requisites, and that’s where we step in. We understand that your time gets occupied in managing all the patients, and you hardly get any time in focussing upon the crucial services that manage your billing process.

Let us be the guardian angel for you to sort out your financial health with Alabama Dental Billing & Collection and analyze all the loopholes beforehand. Initiating right from the bills to the collection of the outstanding amount, we take care of everything!

Why should you get it outsourced via us?

  • Latest technology-driven eligibility checking
  • Increased revenue generation by decreasing write-offs
  • Helpful in growing as an efficient practice
  • Maintain all the records and tracking accurately.
  • Keeping the privacy of your patients’ data, and confidentiality is our forte.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly status reports
  • No long term yearly contracts

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Alabama Dental Credentialing

PPO, DMO, HMO, DHMO, Medicaid, CHIP Credentialing in Alabama

At Capline, we offer one-on-one service with a commitment to our values and maintain the relationship with clients. The experienced candidate that you need someone who can perform the duties faster and accurately is here! All you have to do is fill one application form and leave the rest upon us. Our experts will take care of the latter work. Alabama Dental Credentialing made simpler now!

We have been assisting dentists for many years now. With years of experience in the Dental space, our staff understands the need for such practice that can assist dentists nationwide.

We believe each dentist should focus on their patient without taking the stress of the paperwork. Capline values your time and believe in creating networks that stay in compliance. We understand that the process can get frustrating at times, therefore:

  • Our professionals create a seamless integration to take care of the minutest details.
  • Confidentiality is our forte, and we take pride in that!
  • For a streamlined process, our experts will contact you weekly to stay updated until they see progress.

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Alabama Dental Insurance Verification

We truly understand how waiting time for say, 30-40 minutes can be extremely irritating and frustrating for your patients. At Capline, we believe that Insurance verification is the cornerstone of any profitable and successful dental practice. Alabama Dental Insurance Verification moves along with your life like a mate forever!

Ever wondered if all of this can be avoided with just a bit of assistance and a call right away? Increase your cash flow, and let Capline take all of your stress. Know why should you get it outsourced via us:

  • Save extra costs
  • Get accurate estimates of the data
  • Insurance follow-up calls
  • Evaluation of EOB’s
  • Few surprises that wins you great patient satisfaction

We help you in eliminating issues like:

  • Unhappy Patients
  • A large number of outstanding claims

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