Alaska Dental Credentialing

To grow the patient base, we at Capline Dental Services ensure that your reimbursements do not get rejected or canceled due to credentialing and enrollment issues. The process of getting enrolled into a contract with an insurer is crucial as far as the revenue cycle is concerned. Outsourcing to Alaska Dental Credentialing with the best team of experienced professionals completes the process in a smooth and timely manner so as you can focus on your patients. The credentialing verification is a lengthy process, and even a trivial mistake in the application can lead to claims sitting for long periods than they should be. They require few details like education, practice history, certifications, and license to verify the authenticity before submitting any claims.

Statistics alone factor that more people visit the dental office with some form of dental insurance benefit. That is why it is crucial to get credentialed with every provider to have the pool of patients generated by the network provider. It would seem evident that the cost payer of the patient can be DHMO, HMO, DMO, PPO, and Medicaid. This opportunity to attract more patients also comes with strict guidelines ensuring faster approvals. We take care of all your credentialing requirements, such as preparing and compiling the necessary documents, completing the CAQH profile, taking care of all the formalities about the insurer’s varied terms, and maintaining records according to compliance.

Alaska Billing and Collection

Every dental practice needs a robust billing mechanism to increase its cash flow. Smooth cash flow has a positive impact in maintaining high standards for patient care. Denied claims and disrupted cash flow is time-and-labor intensive. Outsourcing dental billing tackles everything and is an important consideration to practice revenue. Alaska Billing and Collection focuses on dental claims that would benefit your dental practice and reduce clutter.

Maintaining a steady cash flow with efficient patient care is every dental practice’s aim. Therefore, an experienced company handling your accounts receivable guarantees you maximum payable benefits. Our professionally trained experts ensure stress-free insurance, freeing you from complex collections. All the claims with appropriate CDT codes to support the rendered treatment increase the chances of outstanding A/R.

Billing and collection require great attention to detail. We ensure timely reimbursements, error-free claim submissions, tools to track claims, speed up the payment process, and appeal denied claims to provide systematic follow-up. Our services range from periodic reports, detailed patient statements such as treatment descriptions, type of service, charges levied, and related details to submitting dental claims.

Outsourcing helps you collect a better revenue percentage with manageable billing errors. Our team of certified professionals is proficient in collecting payments, and thus your practice functions smoothly. We stay abreast with constantly evolving billing and coding updates to apply to the claim for the services rendered by the provider.

Alaska Insurance Verification

Insurance verification is a bit trickier and here’s where most of the dental practice loss their revenue. We at Capline Dental Services ensure you have improved cash flow with happy patients. Failing to check the patient’s active benefits and eligibility is one of the main challenges. Our team of experts will verify your existing and new patient benefits and document coverage details before the point of service to avoid any claim denials due to changes in the policy.

Outsourcing verification to Alaska Insurance Verification speeds up the process so that you can focus on patient care and stop worrying about reimbursements. Our team contacts the insurers directly to obtain accurate information on patient benefits. We understand how important it is to get the patient history in advance of treatment to reduce claim delays or rejections. We work round the clock with the insurers through call, fax, and web to reduce missed opportunities on any information.

Here are the steps for a streamlined verification process:

  • Getting the member ID for each patient and verifying the details
  • Verifying the policy dates before effective treatment
  • Obtaining all coverage details such as waiting periods, frequencies, limitations, and history
  • Updating the details in the patient record
  • Receiving the verification document from the insurance company
  • Transferring the verification document in the patient log

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