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Arizona Dental Billing & Collection

Running a dental practice comes with a surprising number of challenges and billing is one of them. Billing in a dental practice turns out to be confusing and complicated owing to a large number of factors. Whether it’s about patients forgetting to pay their bills or a denied claim, there could be multiple factors affecting billing and collection process. Arizona Dental Billing & Collection are known for providing expert assistance in billing. Our cost-effective dental billing solutions are aimed at alleviating the burden associated with filing dental claims and improving your cash flow. Our comprehensive range of dental billing include the following:

Accurate Claim Submission
Our claim submission process is carried out effectively which means clean and error-free claims will go out accurately. It is also done to ensure that you are receiving the maximum reimbursement for your claims on time. Our services allow you to boost productivity while increasing revenue at the same time.

Reimbursement On Time
Our billing experts streamline the billing process and offer detailed reporting so that you can have complete transparency of your practice. With attention to detail, our team actively manages accounts to correct errors and resolve denials.

Right from offering cost-effective billing to easing down your billing process, our dental billing solution will help your practice collect more revenue, while at the same time offering patient retention. Dental billing is a critical part of your dental practice.But what’s the point spending hours on claims when you could be focusing only on patient care. We complete all the tasks related to paperwork so that you can focus only on patient care. You can rely on us for a comprehensive range of billing like scheduling clients, patient follow-up and updating client account accurately.

Our billing specialists are responsible for keeping your billing department in perfect condition, thereby helping to increase revenue. We also conduct a fee schedule analysis to ensure that you are getting reimbursed at the highest possible rate. To make sure that your claims are processed accurately, we review denials.

Arizona Dental Credentialing

PPO, DMO, HMO, DHMO, Medicaid, CHIP Credentialing in Arizona

At Capline Dental Services, we understand that credentialing or paperwork really impacts the bottom line of your practice. Whether you’re starting a new practice or considering outsourcing your credentialing needs, we have the experience to handle any challenge. We pride ourselves on being an efficient, cost-effective and transparent solution to your practice’s credentialing needs. Within the revenue cycle of your practice, credentialing and enrollment counts as the major obstacle in acquiring timely payments. This part of any dental practice has evolved to be highly complicated and confusing. However, when you outsource your dental credentialing needs to Arizona Dental Credentialing, you could make your revenue cycle more profitable and efficient.

Our credentialing team can take your practice through the entire credentialing process. Enrollment is a time-consuming process where attention to detail is critical and even a minute mistake in an application can cause the entire process to halt, thereby leading in delayed payments.

Our specialists are trained in the highly detailed process of coordinating provider credential to make sure quick and entire enrollment for maximum reimbursement. We offer provider enrollment and credentialing right from applying for NPI to completing your CAQH profile to initial set up with payers. So, if your practice is also struggling filling up those lengthy forms, we are here to help and get you credential as soon as possible.

No more missing documentation. Get started with Capline’s Dental Credentialing process and let us take the administrative burden off your shoulder.

Arizona Dental Insurance Verification

At Capline Dental Services, we make sure that you are paid on time for the services rendered. We have a team of IV experts who verify patient benefits, policy coverage and other details to help in passing the right information. Outsourcing insurance verification to Arizona Dental Insurance Verification can make it easier for you and your team to focus strictly on patient care.

Having this information accurate will increase productivity and create a foundation of trust between your office and the patient. Our team follows the steps given below to keep everything ready for your practice, so you can peacefully focus on diagnosis without worrying about last minute trouble.

  • The dates from which the policy is effective
  • Contact insurance companies to verify the eligibility of the patients
  • Collecting all coverage details including limitations, frequencies, history and waiting periods
  • Updating patient records with the collected information
  • Save verification document in the patient record

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