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June 24, 2021

Billing Guidelines for Traditional and Preferred Dental

Traditional dental plans are also known as indemnity plans. Insurance companies reimburse indemnity claims
May 12, 2021

How do I bill an out of network claim?

Health insurance plans generally function on a network of coverage basis. They only provide
April 26, 2021

What are Restorative Services in Dental terms?

In Dental terms, restorative services refer to specialized procedures that help maintain,
April 16, 2021

What are Dental Claim Processing Policies?

In the modern era, everyone relies on insurance to cover their dental charges. The dental practice is not
April 14, 2021

Frequently questions asked about the Dental codes

Dental billing is an extensive area with minute details to be kept in check. It requires an
March 26, 2021

What Is A Point Of Service Plan?

A point of service plan is a managed care health insurance plan, which can be best understood as an amalgamation of Health Maintenance
March 19, 2021

How To Avoid Errors In Dental Credentialing?

Dental Credentialing is very vital in today’s competitive environment. With a multitude of dental practices being open, patients
March 15, 2021

Dental codes to follow for bulletproof compliance

Many rules and regulations have been established by dental boards, such as The Occupational Safety and Health Administration
February 1, 2021

Is Out Of Network Coverage Worth It?

Out of network coverage can be both beneficial and risky. Billing for out-of-network coverage involves a lot of intricacies and requires