Tips to improve Insurance Verification Process for your Dental Practice

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December 2, 2018
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December 11, 2018

Insurance Verification is one of the important steps in Revenue Cycle Management. Accurate and timely validation of patients’ dental coverage on their dental services, ensures whether they can file a claim or not. 

Managing insurance verification for your patients takes a lot of time and effort from your office staff. Being one of the necessary aspects of your practice, dental insurance definitely turns out to be frustrating, if not handled well. Delays in insurance reimbursements and late payments can all leave your practice in the red. At Capline, we can help you with upfront and real-time eligibility verification that helps you know about the accurate deductibles and Co-pays of your patients. Our experts also ensure that the claim information submitted is correct and accurate.

To handle insurance without hassle in your practice, you must make sure that:

  1. Patient eligibility is checked before every procedure.
  2. You must invest efforts in finding out the actual coverage of your patients instead of just relying on them to know about their insurance benefits.
  3. Keep following-up on claims. Don’t just let them pass.
  4. Keep tracking the claim status. This will help in speedy reimbursement
  5. Verify existing patient coverage.
  6. Follow-up on unpaid claims frequently.
  7. Appeal. Re-submit, and research about the denied claims.

In association with Capline Dental Services, you will be able to save your dollars on collections. Our experts are very active at processing the entire information for patient eligibility. They will present you with the most accurate data that minimizes the chances of a patient having an outstanding balance. All the coding errors are skipped and you will be able to experience maximum reimbursement for your practice.

We can also help you reduce rejection rates by consistently tracking accounts receivables. This ensures timely receiving of payments. Our experts easily manage all your paperwork. 

Our IV specialists will consistently monitor your patient’s information to prevent denials. This will eventually bring in more income for your practice. Sending claims at the right time means getting faster payments to your office. With reports that have a higher level of accuracy, you will be able to handle all the aspects of insurance billing and verification absent any sort of confusion.

So, if you are experiencing rejected claims and disrupted cash flow at your practice, you must take into account the above-mentioned tips that improve revenue and exceed expectations of your patients.

To know further about Dental Insurance Verification Process, you may get in touch with Capline Dental Services.