Billing Tips for Your Front Office Staff

Billing Tips for Your Front Office Staff

As they say, first impression is the last impression. This turns out to be extremely true for a dental billing practice. If you want your billing and collection process to be quick, efficient and hassle-free, you must ensure that everything is streamlined. There are times when small tasks can fall through the cracks and huge tasks go wasted. However, if everyone is on the same page, each of the tasks can be handled easily and managed well. This eventually keeps your practice’s bottomline healthy.

In order to energize your billing and collection process, you must start with the front office staff. Here are some tips that can help you in delivering an outstanding patient experience.

Start the Process Even Before the Patient Enters the Door
It is extremely helpful and important to verify insurance, copay and deductible before the patient arrives at the office. You can also check to see if patients have paid the amount in full or left with an unmet deductible. So, any kind of billing and payment related queries can be taken care of properly. Staff should clearly inform the patient about what all they owe on the day of visit. Remember, the more clear information is conveyed, the more it helps in collecting payment from patients.

Verify Eligibility Beforehand
Despite being highly important, this is often overlooked. If eligibility verification is not planned in a proper way, chances are that your practice might lose both time and money. Imagine how difficult it becomes if your staff is occupied keeping track of returned claims, updating patient information, resubmitting claims and collecting payments. All this eventually leads to unsatisfied patient experience and loss in revenue. To make patient care and billing uncomplicated, billing experts are here to help. They keep a track whether the insurance information is updated and eligibility is verified beforehand. If everything is sorted, there would be no immediate surprises, delay in payment or unnecessary hassle.

Check Before Patients Leave
There are a lot of tasks remaining pending while your patient is ready to check out. Ask your staff to review the bill. Meanwhile, collect any additional payments, if pending from the patient. Besides, look for options that make it easier for patients to pay. You can also opt for online payment modes to eliminate the unnecessary hassle.

When your front office acts smart, you will automatically see an increase in revenue, meaning more income for your practice. You can also outsource us for your billing and collection needs to improve your front office efficiency and get maximum patients.

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