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May 30, 2022

What is authorization in medical billing?

Pre-authorization or prior authorization is an integral part of the revenue cycle management process. Certain services may need
May 26, 2022

HMO Dental Insurance Plans

As awareness about oral health is spreading, every second person is opting for a good dental insurance plan. And the two most common and recommended
May 23, 2022

Medicaid Dental Insurance Plans

Medicaid is the health insurance program run by the US government for people with low income across the nation. The program covers a wide range
May 19, 2022

Tips to increase your social media reviews

It is the world of social media, and getting testimonials can be one of the sales tools for better results and engagements.
May 16, 2022

How many patients should a dental practice have to be profitable?

Nearly 65% of the people go to the dentist, depending upon the state. Dental professionals
May 12, 2022

No-Show Fees: Should Your Dental Practice Use Them?

A missed appointment is one when a patient does not show up, does not call to cancel, or does not reschedule.
May 9, 2022

Why does your Dental Practice need Business Overhead Insurance?

If you run a dental business, you must have come across several insurance plans and one of the
May 5, 2022

How to create a positive work environment for your dental practice?

As per US News and World Reports, dentistry is the best job with many cogs. They go through
May 2, 2022

How to decorate your dental practice waiting room?  

Visiting a dentist is associated with discomfort and pain, and creating a feeling of warmth and welcome is the jump-start