California Dental Billing & Collection

Billing in dental industry comes with a lot of complications and delays. There are multiple chances of things going wrong, right from coding to claim rejection and so on. At times, practices fail to collect of what they are entitled to. Additionally, the role of manpower comes in picture, which, in turn increases the amount of time required to get paid. All this collectively results in leaving the revenue imbalanced.

At Capline Dental Services, we can help you alleviate that burden and make more money to ensure that you are being reimbursed at the maximum possible rate. With a successful client base all over California, Capline Dental Services has been successful in taking care of all your dental office’s needs, right from managing paperwork to submitting claims.

We have a dedicated staff that is strictly focused on maximizing your practice’s profitability. Our billing experts have been in the industry for several years and are well-versed with the latest coding regulations and all billing optimizations to maximize your profitability.

California Dental Billing & Collection experts ensure a steady flow of reimbursement while ensuring that your patients are hassle-free and their billing related queries are answered well. We can guarantee you with an increased revenue, reduced overhead cost, improved cash flow and patient satisfaction. We work consistently to help practices achieve maximum end-to-end dental claim reimbursement. Our billing specialists have developed a unique billing process for meeting all your dental needs. Our specialized dental billing service is focused on helping dentists not only get paid more, but also get paid faster.

When you outsource dental billing and collection to us, you’ll see that a group of specialists will handle these tasks, thereby, allowing your staff to focus on other important tasks around your practice.

We offer practices the best of both worlds, i.e. our in-house team of experts who will handle your dental billing, while you maintain full transparency into your practice’s financial performance. You see your reimbursement speeding up and we have the analytics to back up our metrics.

Any kind of simple or complicated billing challenges can be easily identified and rectified by our billing experts. In addition to offering billing and collection for our clients, we also offer other services that have been discussed below.

California Dental Credentialing

PPO, DMO, HMO, DHMO, Medicaid, CHIP Credentialing in California

Credentialing is a process of verifying the qualification of the dentist and managing this on a routine basis requires a lot of time and effort. This turns out to be quite tedious.

Save time and money by outsourcing California Dental Credentialing. Our credentialing specialist will help you complete your credentialing applications, submit to payers, and provide you with timely follow-up. Our experts have the right know-how to help you get credentialed quickly, accurately and affordably. We can help you get enrolled with the insurance network so that you can offer services to patients that are covered by the carrier. Our services are entirely customized for your practice and will help you get reimbursed faster.

Our dental credentialing allow practices carry on with the dental procedure while we take care of credentialing needs.

California Dental Insurance Verification

If your practice is facing challenges in verifying patient’s copayment, insurance benefits and deductible, we are here to help! Spend less time calling to verify patient benefits and eligibility, and more time serving your patients, with dental insurance verification at Capline. California Dental Insurance Verification experts verify patient benefits, policy coverage and other important details to keep your practice running smoothly.

Save time for your practice and your patients by outsourcing Capline’s dental billing and insurance verification. We eliminate the stress and help you get reimbursed faster. Let our experts do the paperwork and help you focus on delivering superior patient care.

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