CDT Code For Dental Braces

Dental braces are commonly used by dentists to correct crowded, crooked teeth, or a malaligned jaw which is also known as malocclusion.

Braces are often used during adolescence, however, more and more adults are getting corrective dental braces later in life. They are made of metal or ceramic wires and a bonding material that fixes them to your teeth. Recent advances include the introduction of INVISALIGN in the market which is now becoming a trend in orthodontic practice and more acceptable in terms that it is less visible and can be easily worn during work and outings.

Orthodontic Codes

Orthodontic codes vary based on the treatment performed in the primary, adolescent and adult dentitions. They are also defined by whether the treatment is interceptive, limited or comprehensive.

D8210 : Removable Appliance Therapy used to prevent habits such as thumb sucking and tongue thrusting.

D8220 : Fixed appliance therapy which uses fixed appliances so as to prevent habits such as thumb sucking, tongue thrusting. Bands are placed on the molars/posteriors that will provide anchorage to the appliance.

D8060 : Orthodontic treatment used for Kids/Underage patients

D8080 : Comprehensive orthodontic treatment of the adolescent dentition. It usually uses fixed orthodontic appliances as braces. Comprehensive treatment may incorporate more than one phase of treatment. Expander, partial fixed appliance and headgear is used in stage one whereas placement of full arch fixed appliance is done in stage two.  Both fall under the category of Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment.

D8090 : Used for adults, trays are used in the treatment and altered based upon Quarterly or Half yearly manner.

CDT codes keep updating with the changing time and new codes are added to define new procedures. In order to code procedures correctly, dental practices must have an insight about the latest CDT and diagnostic codes.

CDT Code

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