CDT Code for Dental Bridge

A bridge is a custom-made replacement for a missing tooth or teeth by taking support of the adjacent teeth. Bridges are made from metal, ceramics, or a combination of the two. Your dentist will explain you about the materials that are best for your mouth.

D6740: Retainer Crown - Porcelain/Ceramic With this dental procedure code, the prosthetic crown fitted over the tooth is made of porcelain or ceramic.

D6791: Retainer Crown - Full Cast, Predominantly Base Metal Using this dental procedure code, the prosthetic crown is constructed predominantly of base metal and covers the entire remaining portion of the tooth.

D6790: Retainer Crown - Full Cast High Noble Metal This procedure code is used for a prosthetic crown that is constructed of high noble metal and covers the remaining portion of tooth.

D6245: Pontic -Porcelain/Ceramic This is CDT code for ceramic/porcelain prosthetic crown that replace the missing teeth and is constituted in fixed partial denture.