CDT Code For Dental Implant Placement / Procedure

D6190 : Radiographic/surgical implant index. Surgical indexing  involves the process of recording the position of implants relative to the adjacent teeth.  The objective is to guide the surgeon of the position of implant, who can then generate articulated models ad dies for fabrication of abutment.

D6010 : Includes the surgical placement of the implant body, the second-stage surgery, and the placement of the healing cap. D6010 is not completed until the implant is stable and ready to be loaded.

D6011 : Second stage implant surgery

D6012 : Surgical placement of interim implant body for transitional prosthesis: endosteal implant

D6040 : Surgical placement: eposteal implant.

D6050 : Surgical placement: transosteal implant. Transosteal implants are only inserted into the lower jaw, with a U-shaped metal frame or pins being placed through the alveolar socket as well as the bone.

CDT Code

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