CDT Code for Dental Splint

Provisional splinting is done to stabilize mobile (loose) teeth and maintain them in the position before periodontal surgery due to bone loss. Teeth are cleaned, isolated and no anesthesia is used, however, in some cases teeth is cut and anesthesia should be used. The materials used may vary, however, the common one is metal wire or braided fibers. Wire is then placed along the teeth, bonded and cured. These can also be used when in case of accidental trauma causing fracture of teeth.

D4320: Provisional splinting-intracoronal. This is an interim stabilization of mobile teeth. A variety of methods and appliances are used for this purpose.

D4321: Provisional splinting- extracoronal

D5987: Commissure Splint. A device placed between the lips that helps in achieving increased opening between the lips.