Challenges with dental insurance verification service

Challenges with dental insurance verification service

Every dental practice sooner or later learns that dental insurance verification is quite critical for successful billing and collection.This is because if there has been any oversight at all during the process of insurance verification on part of the dentists or the third party to which the task has been outsourced to then there is a high possibility of the claim getting denied. Moreover, when a claim gets denied the efficiency of treatments as well as revenue cycle of the practice gets affected adversely.  

Dental practitioners who have been on the receiving end of a claim gone wrong understand why it is important to be thorough and up to date with the process and all the latest regulations and codes of practice. Billing experts who have been in the field for long also understand the trickiest bits of the insurance verification as they know how important attention to detail is even if they know the process like the back of their hand. 

Below is a list of common issues noticed during dental insurance verification: 

Incorrect Information 

Whether it is the office administration of the dental practice or the verification experts at the company which is taking care of dental insurance verification for your dental office there are quite a few things they need to check. Incorrect SSN, misspelled name, wrong date of birth among other wrong personal details as well as typos are noticed and corrected by attentive dental insurance verification experts who ensure that all the information in the database of dental offices as well as insurance providers matches perfectly and is correct. 

Insurance Status and Patient Eligibility

Believe it or not but one of the common issues noticed during dental insurance verification is patient eligibility and insurance status.There are quite a few instances when the patient gets the treatment from the dentists only for the patient and the dentist to learn later on that the patient was not eligible for treatment or the insurance status was not active. This causes a lot of inconvenience to both the patient and the dentist as they need to coordinate with each other over the collection of payment. 

Lost Documentation 

Dental insurance verification requires correct examination of all the necessary documentation like patient benefits, pre-certification details, coverage details, co-insurance details, contact details and deductible details which can easily get lost during transfer of physical files or can be skipped while online transfer of documentation from one system to another. Dental insurance verification experts ensure that all the details are verified for smooth and fast billing and collection. 

It is the right move to trust experts like Capline Dental Services with dental insurance verification as they resolve all the above mentioned issues for you and ensure that you get immediate treatment and your service provider gets paid on time. 

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