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Common Front Office Mistakes Your Practice Must Avoid

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July 8, 2019
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July 17, 2019

Front desk can have significant impact not only in patient experience but also revenue cycle management of your practice. Any patient coming to your practice judges its effectiveness by the way they are treated at the front-desk. So, your front-desk is an essential determinant of your practice’s revenue cycle management and should be taken care of properly. Nobody would want their front-desk to be the reason for patient disregarding your practice or expertise, right? Therefore, it is important for practices to ensure that their patients are pleased with their visit. Listed below are some problems that any front-desk staff usually face. We will help you identify them and manage tactfully.

Increased Number of Lengthy Calls
Dental practices receive large volume of calls throughout the day. There are times when the frequency of calls go high and it becomes cumbersome for the front office staff to answer them promptly. Calls also get intervene when patients decide not to stay over the phone for a longer time duration. The entire experience turns out to be even frustrating when patient care is compromised.

To prevent such issues from happening in the future, let us take care of your phone calls. At Capline Dental Services, we connect on your behalf to verify eligibility and benefits.

Reducing the Time Patients Spend in the Waiting Room
If patients are constantly checking their watches, spending their precious time in your waiting room, it is definitely a problem. It is important to remember that these situations can have a negative impact in your practice. Overcoming such issue is extremely important. For doing the same, it is important to educate your staff on handling administrative function properly. A follow-up conversation is important to keep patients comfortable. Therefore, you must inform the patients regarding longer wait times and schedule their appointment accordingly.

The day-to-day work at a dental practice is extremely important to its overall success as a business and keeping your front office in shape can make a significant impact on your bottom line.

Say No to Paperwork
How much time your staff takes to organize and update patient information? When you compare, you will find outsourcing as a better solution. Our billing experts can get it done right for you in a preferable amount of time. Our billing experts are informed at what they do and can offer your patients an error-free billing solution with minimum denials and maximum reimbursement for your practice.

These are some of the common mistakes your dental practice must avoid to improve the efficiency of your front office staff, while closely meeting patient’s needs.