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Common Outsourcing Issues with Dental Insurance Verification

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May 5, 2021
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May 7, 2021

It is essential for every dental practice to keep improving the patient experience which consists of satisfaction in terms of the treatment as well as the billing experience of the service received. Most dentists are quite great at the dental treatment services they offer to their patients but only few manage to provide a good enough dental insurance verification experience even when they have hired few people specifically for this role.The reason why most practices fail to carry out tasks related to insurance verification, billing and collection and credentialing is lack of experience as it is a field as vast as dentistry itself which requires years of experience and specific task related knowledge to carry out efficiently. 

This is why it is essential to outsource dental insurance verification services to professionals who have been doing it for years. Nonetheless, there still can be issues with companies you have outsourced your dental insurance verification to which is why it is important to know the same and question the companies about these critical questions to get responses which assure you that your business is in safe hands. 

Below is a list of common outsourcing issues with Dental Insurance Verification that you should definitely learn and ask about before getting help for your practice : 

Flexible Plans

While most outsourcing companies claim that they provide cheaper dental insurance verification than staff hired for the same in-house, it cannot be true for every practice. Especially small ones who have only a few clients which no more than two people in-house can take care of for all administrative tasks related to dental insurance verification. This is why it is essential to choose from a range of flexible and detailed cost plans which take into account previous expenditure incurred on dental insurance verification services and the cost which the practice will have to incur for the future. Most outsourcing insurance companies can give you an exact cost plan which if is less than your existing cost should be your choice. If the company is unable to provide flexible plans then it becomes a big issue as it is not able to cater to a diverse range of clients. 

Task efficiency 

Dental Insurance Verification involves a series of steps like verifying the insurance plan, cross checking each and every piece of information from correct documentation to deductibles, last date of service as well as types of treatments covered among other steps. When outsourcing dental insurance verification it is important to take into account the total time taken as well as specific time taken for each activity in order to gauge the efficiency of the process as well as calculate how many patients they will be able to cater to without putting their resources under pressure. Moreover, if the company is taking more time than usual for processes then they can be made more efficient and accountable by changing their conduct. Also, if they fail to do so then the practice should look for someone else to resolve these issues.

Round the Clock Availability 

For any practice it is important that the company they have outsourced their dental insurance verification to offers round the clock availability. Since most dentists usually treat patients during the day the staff of the company they have outsourced their dental insurance verification to must be available from the start of the day to well in the evening  if the dentists have some questions towards the end of the day after they closed their office. Dentists who are able to form a professional bond with a person from the outsourcing company tend not to take their business anywhere else. On the other hand , if the staff is not available daily, does not return important calls as well as takes more time than required for responses it puts the company in the bad books of the dentist. 

Data Security and Confidentiality 

Data Security and Confidentiality is one of the most important things that every company which provides outsourcing services needs to take care of. This not only establishes a lot of trust between the dental practitioner who has trusted the company to take care of dental insurance verification but builds a good reputation as well of the company which can help them get more clients. On the other hand, if the company indulges in malpractice or tries to use the data for their own benefit or sells it to another practice then it will not be a long time before they lose much of their business.