Considerations when choosing a Dental Practice Name

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March 4, 2022
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Opening a dental practice is a huge step but before you can open your doors, you have to give your practice a name!

Your name can be a key factor in bringing in the right types of target audience, making sure a steady stream of business, and helping to build confidence in your new practice. 

You should likewise be careful to understand the legal ramifications of choosing a DBA name for your dental startup or renaming a practice purchased from another dentist.

Things to keep in mind when choosing a Dental Practice Name
The following are the key guidelines to choose a name for your new dental practice that will allow you to experience many key benefits without getting bogged down by legal troubles. 

Think dentist 
When you’re opening a new dental practice, you want to ensure that you’ve chosen a name that automatically makes people think, “Dentist!” 

You don’t need potential patients to neglect your practice simply because they don’t know that you’re a dentist. 

Always keep in mind that your practice name itself is one of your primary advertising tools. By choosing a practice name that indicates what you are, you can 100% draw in foot traffic or bring in patients who have driven past your practice on their way to another location. 

Assuming you’re opening a specialty practice, incorporating that to your practice name will assist with featuring the particular things you can provide for your patients. 

Make it memorable 
You want your practice name to be short and simple to remember. On the off chance that patients hear it in passing, particularly assuming they’re referred by a friend, you need them to have the option to effectively remember it. 

If your practice name is a mouthful, you may find that it’s a challenge to share and that can lead to lost business. You ought to likewise cautiously consider such aspects as:

  1. Alliteration can help make your practice name more memorable
  2. Whether or not you need to use your last name to assist identify your practice
  3. How easy it is to write down the name of your practice 

Always keep in mind that you can always add a tagline to help share more information about your practice. This will permit you somewhat more opportunity and keep your practice name shorter, which will make it simpler for patients to remember. 

Think about the future
Various dentists decide to name their practice after themselves. It’s genuinely exceptional; there’s less stress over potential trademark issues, and it’s readily identifiable. 

You should likewise consider whether or not you’ll want to add or change specialties later on if you’ll be interested in expanding your practice to more than one location, or the potential that you’ll ultimately need to move to a new location. 

Consider a trademark 
Assuming you’ve picked your business name with care and no other person is using it, the next step is to make sure that you’re able to protect the goodwill you’ve built for your business. Trademarking your name makes it yours! Make sure you consult with a dental lawyer to make sure that you’re taking the right steps to trademark and protect your business. 

The sky’s the limit with regards to naming your new dental practice, however you actually need to be certain that you’re doing whatever it takes to do it right. By keeping these key guidelines, you can make a name for your dental practice that will assist your business,  build your client base, and create an atmosphere of goodwill toward your new practice.