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Capline’s Content Writing Services is the Right Choice for Your Business!

Enhance your online presence and curate content that is informative, relevant and quality-assured. Scale up your Dental/Medical practice’s ability to deliver targeted content strategies and create content that can climb up on Google’s rankings organically.

With Capline’s Content Services, your Dental and Medical practices can create engaging, determining, and conversation starter content.

As we know, Google is becoming smarter, and putting out informative and comprehensive content resources online to your potential customers and readers is more important than ever! Endless questions keep looming around health and lifestyle. Being able to answer them with ease and conviction should be your ultimate goal. Our team’s creative thinking and their pandora box of ideas make sure that you are ahead of your competitors in getting conversations started and owning your content!

Why Choose Capline’s Content Services?

“Year over year growth in unique site traffic is 7.8x higher for content marketing leaders compared to followers! – Aberdeen”
“57% of marketeers reported that custom content was their top marketing priority. – Altimeter” “61% of the consumer’s buying decisions is based on custom content.”

With content being this imperative for your business’ marketing strategy, getting ready-to-rank content curated for your business is the way ahead.
Capline’s team of experienced and passionate content curators make sure that all the aspects of your content creation are taken care of. So that your practice not only grows, but puts out content that is original and targeted. Our team understands and resonates with the audiences in order to foster your practice’s client relationships with appropriate and desired information.

Here Are Some of the Reasons why Capline’s Content Services Are Meant For You:

  1. Our curated content reflects the brand tonality of your practice.
  2. The high-quality content ensures that each word that goes out of your medical practice is quality assured, original and catchy.
  3. We ensure that trending topics and notable patient concerns are addressed.
  4. Our content services work in accordance with well-thought marketing strategies.
  5. We understand that businesses have changing needs, therefore your content too will transform according to the changing needs of your practice.

How Does It Work?

Once you raise a content request, we will need the following details from your end:

  • Details about your audience, their preferences and personality.
  • The required tone, style and intent of your content.
  • Title/Keywords and Word limit.

We may get in touch with you to discuss some other details if required.

Reviewing and Receiving of the content

  1. You will get your first draft of content within 48-72 hours.
  2. You can proofread the content to suggest changes, accept, or decline it.
  3. We will make suggested changes within 48 hours.
  4. You can even bookmark the writer whose content is best suited to your requirements, and we will assign the writer for your content writing job on priority.
  5. We understand the specific needs of your business and make sure that the content reflects the same.

With Capline’s content services, your business will start the right, relevant and engaging conversations with unique content!

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