Does insurance pay for out-of-network?

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April 28, 2021
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A network is a collection of healthcare organizations and professionals like specialists, doctors, dentists, surgical centers, and hospitals. All of these have a contract with insurance providers, in which they provide services to patients that are covered by their insurance carriers  at a certain rate fixed by insurance providers. Any dental care provider is said to be out-of-network if they have not signed a contract with an insurance company for payments at an affordable rate. Some health plans do not pay for out-of-network providers, except if the patient is admitted in an emergency. In simple words, the patient is liable for the full amount charged by their doctor. Some insurance providers pay for out-of-network providers, however, in these cases, patients need to pay out-of-pocket costs higher than in-network costs.1

Which one to choose in between in and Out-of-Network Providers?

In-Network providers are doctors or hospitals that have signed an agreement with your insurance provider, to provide dental care services at a discounted rate. On the other side, out-of-network providers are the ones who have not signed any agreement with your insurance provider. Some insurance providers cover only the services  included in the network plan while others cover services in both in and out of network plans.

How much Out-of-Network costs?

A patient is charged with out-of-network costs when their dental care provider has not agreed with costs decided by the insurance provider. It means that your dental care provider may charge you for the full amount of treatment. In such a case, your insurance provider will not pay any amount and the complete burden of payment will fall upon you. It can also result in higher costs charged by the dental care provider associated with out-of-network fees. To avoid such issues, you can educate yourself on plan limitations and additional charges options.

Continue reading this article to become familiar with plans’ benefits and limitations and to maximize the benefits of insurance.

If the dentist you choose is out of network then check if the same service is available with the in- network. If yes and if you are comfortable in preferring in-network doctors to lower dental care costs, then it can yield in a cost-saving benefit. Additionally, check for certain providers regularly, and determine if they are in the network. In case if the insurance plan is not fulfilling your healthcare needs, then check for alternative plans available in the enrollment period.

Another way to deal with high costs is to know more about the treating hospital, doctors and other services. One must know more about drug assistance programs, co-pay assistance programs, and disease-specific programs. It is also important to check about the cost of medical procedures by using a cost calculator. As medical costs differ from state to state so by using a cost calculator, a person can check about what the things should cost.

One of the most important things, an individual can do is to “ be choosy”. This selective decision making mindset helps in selecting the right healthcare plan and checking if the preferred doctor falls in your network or not. Also, if the doctor asks for other blood tests then check if it is available in in-network or not.

The best way to tackle the high costs of out-of-network costs is to know more about the plans. By making communication with your insurance providers, you will be able to avoid high costs associated with out of network.

How to check if the healthcare provider you are selecting is out of network?

Most of the health insurance providers have directories that have a list of all medical providers who come under in-network. If any healthcare provider is not present on this list then that simply means they are out of network. A person can also call the provider directly and ask them about which provider is in the network and which one is out of the network. Additionally, it is also equally important to check if particular insurance is providing coverage only in-network or also providing in-out-networks.

How to check that a person will get out-of-network reimbursement or not?

An individual needs to pay the complete amount to their therapist initially, but depending upon the selected insurance plan, your insurance provider will decide that they will reimburse a portion of the cost or not. Please note that if your insurance company treats your out-of-network services as in-network, still the federal law does not allow the out-of-network provider to pay for the full amount for the medical services availed by you.