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Florida Dental Billing and Collection

Garnering heaps of praise from satisfied clients all over Florida since December, 2016, Capline Dental Services is a reputed Dental Insurance Billing and Collection Company that takes care of a score of back-end operations to help run your dental office or practice at highly improved efficiency and enhancement in profits.

Outsourcing to a professional Dental Billing and Collection Company in Florida makes much sense as it can very effectively put you in an advantageous position to focus on your core activities of being a dental professional. Give more time and undivided attention to your patient’s diagnosis rather than being preoccupied with the chores of the back-office.

Giving complete attention to your patients would win you positive online reviews and greater number of patients as referrals walking in. Patients prefer getting over with the diagnosis and treatment in a single or minimum number of appointments. If you are preoccupied with activities like billing and collection yourself, how would you peacefully focus on the patients. As a result, either you would be able to see lesser number of patients or treat them haphazardly. Don’t worry we are here to help!!

Here, at Capline Dental Services we have specialized teams for every operation be it billing, collection, credentialing or insurance verification etc. to smoothen your work. When you choose billing specialists at Capline Dental Services, you are investing in a service that can handle both simple and complex insurance and collections challenges, resulting in increased efficiency and profitability for your practice.

Our team is well trained and specialized to collect all of the money owed to you by insurance companies. Our collections team performs regular follow ups with the insurance companies and with patients( for payment of Patient Portion) to extract to the amount due. We have a fully developed methodology to address your dental billing issues. Our experts work at each stage pervasively to move towards an efficient insurance claim process.

Apart from billing and collections there are many other important functions that a back office caters to, like Dental Insurance Verification and Credentialing in Florida.

Florida Dental Credentialing

PPO, DMO, HMO, DHMO, Medicaid, CHIP Credentialing in Florida

Dental credentialing is defined as a process of getting enrolled in an insurance company’s preferred provider network. Here, we verify a dentist’s professional record, thereby authenticating and auditing his academic qualifications, practice’s address, phone and other contact information, services provided, employment history, copies of licenses, references etc.

After being through this intense vetting process, the providers gets confirmed and is impaneled on the network of various insurance companies. From this network he gets recognition and inflow of patients in the form of referrals. Our Florida Dental Credentialing team is adorned with veterans in the field and thus, give us a big advantage over the competition.

Florida Dental Insurance Verification

Similarly, Insurance Verification is also a very important process. Since dental treatments and procedures are generally expensive, most of the patients prefer to take dental insurance. Their insurance coverage should be verified and analyzed carefully in order to pluck out maximum number of impediments that may come while billing and collection. This process is done quite dexterously by Florida Insurance Verification Experts who have been hand picked carefully seeing their insurance background and adeptness in the field. Choosing Capline Dental Services as your partner in taking care of all back office tasks would be a smart decision. Capline Dental Services is a company owned and run by highly experienced Dental professionals who know the ins-and-outs of running a chain of Dental Offices. Thus, you can be relaxed and count upon us. We have got your back!!

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