Georgia Dental Billing & Collection

Being one of the leading providers of dental billing and collection services in Georgia, Capline has the experience to help your practice get paid on time. We have the best experts hired to work on every step of the revenue cycle to reduce cost collection, improve efficiency and increase cash flow. Our experts help you achieve greater profitability while allowing your staff to focus only on patient care.

We take the headache out of collection – Leave dental billing and collections workload to us.

By combining our expertise and use of our practice management software, we allow you to concentrate on serving your patients with peace of mind knowing that the financial side of your practice is professionally managed. Not only do we bring out billing errors to zero but also ensure that all claims submitted are clean, correct and accurate the first time. Our commitment to excellence is what differentiates Georgia Dental Billing & Collection services from the rest.

The process of billing requires a lot of paperwork. But if you outsource, your practice will become orderly and you will have a lot more space for patient records. It is very important that your office has accurate patient information to begin with, but human error is always possible. Your office may have files with incorrect information for a patient. When insurance companies receive claims with misleading information, issues like disturbance in cash flow can occur. However, when you outsource us for your billing needs, we can correct those errors quickly and efficiently.

Apart from dental billing and collection, there are other areas like credentialing and insurance verification where our experts do the needful to make sure your practice stands out.

Georgia Dental Credentialing

PPO, DMO, HMO, DHMO, Medicaid, CHIP Credentialing in Georgia

Credentialing involves too many papers to handle. The process is time consuming but you can have it done easily by outsourcing Capline’s Georgia Dental Credentialing Services. We can handle credentialing for you by credentialing you with necessary payers. We will complete all of the necessary Medicare forms and applications, CAQH, Medicaid and other third-party payer applications.

Our experts streamline the entire credentialing process and remove the frustration of this challenging but necessary function for both providers and payers. We will take care of the entire credentialing process and negotiate your fee schedule for you, leaving you time to complete all the other, more important, things that need to be done!

No more struggling with paperwork. No more filling out the same information over and over again. Spend less time with paper and more with your patients. Outsource us and get rid of the hassle in credentialing.

Georgia Dental Insurance Verification

With Georgia Dental Insurance Verification Service, you can keep your practice’s revenue streamlines as our experts do all the submission related to claims and follow-up regularly. We transform the billing game by managing all aspects of the claims process from verification of benefits to claims follow up to payment posting.

Our Dental Insurance Verification experts make sure that you are collecting insurance payments owed to you in a timely and consistent fashion. They will double check your patients’ benefits to make sure everything in your system is up to date. Similarly, if a provider changes their coverage, our Dental Insurance Verification experts will quickly pass it to your team. Don’t let your hard earned dollars get wasted. Let Capline put those earnings in your pocket.

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