Hawaii Dental Billing & Collection

Complexities involved with the billing process and ever changing policies associated with dental insurance plans make the processing of dental claims by dental practitioners themselves, in-house, all the more challenging and less rewarding. Capline Dental Services offers a comprehensive solution to dentists to successfully bill for their services and focus better on other core tasks of their office. Our in-depth knowledge of the whole dental billing process helps us to deliver efficient, glitch free, accurate and timely services. Our services are fully HIPAA compliant.

Hawaii Dental Billing And Collection has a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals who ensure that your practice has fewer unresolved claims and negligible accounts receivable.

We are an experienced hand in providing dental billing & collection services which is an integral part of smooth functioning of a dental practice. Our team at Hawaii Dental Billing And Collection has vast experience of dealing with all types of billing scenarios, staying up to date with changing insurance guidelines and preparing claims based on all the current information.

Features of our billing and collection services include:

  • A dedicated team for the billing needs of your office
  • Regular and timely reporting to keep you updated
  • Regular and timely reporting to keep you updated

Hawaii Dental Billing & Collection works dedicatedly towards ensuring that there is an adequate and timely reimbursement to your practice by the insurance companies for the services rendered, which results in a significant reduction in your accounts receivable.

Hawaii Dental Billing & Collection is the right dental billing outsourcing solution for your dental office. So, contact us today for all the billing needs of your office.

Hawaii Dental Credentialing

PPO, DMO, HMO, DHMO, Medicaid, CHIP Credentialing in Hawaii

The primary task for providers to be able to run a successful and financially healthy practice is getting credentialed with insurance networks so that the reimbursements are adequate and timely for the services rendered. However, the whole process requires a lot of paperwork and it is quite cumbersome for dentists to manage on their own while also managing the core tasks of the practice.

Hawaii Dental Credentialing has a team of highly skilled professionals who help in decreasing the time required for the paperwork by creating clean and complete applications.

The team at Hawaii Dental Credentialing helps you stay compliant with the guidelines to reduce rejections because of incorrect filings. Our experts understand every aspect of the credentialing process and credentialing specialists within the industry.

So if you are interested in Dental Credentialing Services in Idaho, we are here to help you!

Hawaii Dental Insurance Verification

Insurance eligibility verification is a key step in determining if the insurance claim is denied, delayed or accepted by insurances. Taking care of gathering the required and comprehensive information about the eligibility of patients, while taking care of the routine tasks of the office, gets quite cumbersome for providers and because of the overburden of work on the office staff it results in the inaccurate filing of claims with incorrect or inadequate coverage details which leads to claim denials. This impacts the cash flow of the practice by delaying the timely reimbursements. Outsourcing patient eligibility verification to Hawaii Dental Insurance Verification having an experienced and well qualified team of professionals relieves you of the headache and lets you and your staff focus on core office tasks.

Hawaii Dental Insurance Verification offers comprehensive patient eligibility verification services to help providers check coverage details of patients well before the service is preventing claim denials and avoiding delays in payment. This saves your time and boosts the revenue of your practice. You are left with more time to provide better care and enhance your patient satisfaction.

Key features of our service include:

  • Verifying coverage details of patients well before time
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Accuracy of information
  • Prompt follow-up with the patients for additional information

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