How much space is required for a dental office?

How much space is required for a dental office?

The dental industry is continuously evolving. Consumer expectations, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requirements, and cutting-edge equipment and services are all driving developments. 

If you are a part of this evolving industry and planning to start your practice and looking to open a dental office, you would need to consider a variety of factors. One of the commonest questions you need to deal with is – how much space is required for a dental office? The article will discuss some major factors while considering opening a dental office.

Know Your Requirements
When determining how much space your dental office will require, considering the following factors is a good idea: the number of treatment rooms, patient accommodations, staff facilities, space constraints, and cost per square foot.

Think Long-Term
Think of a 10-year plan! Your 10-year plan determines the size and placement. This strategy outlines how you anticipate your company operating in 10 years in terms of maximum output. With a 10-year plan in place, you'll be able to figure out how many operatories you'll need to reach your objectives. 

Some dentists prefer to work alone, with a full-time hygienist and maybe another part-time hygienist. Others may wish to recruit an associate or perhaps open a multi-provider clinic in the future. Thinking long-term will allow you to understand how much space you would need 10 years down the line.

Beyond dental services and treatments costs, the location of your dental office plays a crucial role in the success of your practice. Then comes the office space and the floor it’s located at. You can ask yourself some general questions while deciding on the location for your dental office:

  • Is the location of the office space easily accessible?
  • Is public transport available to the location?
  • Is there enough parking space for your staff and patients?

Staff lockers, staff amenities, waiting areas for patients, treatment rooms, reception areas, etc. are an essential part of the dental office space. Depending on the number of employees at the facility, more space may be required.

The size of the facility depends a lot on the population you intend to serve, the number of employees, and dental chairs (operatories), however, available funding, cost per square feet, and space determines the size. 

Beyond space, few other things to consider to make your practice a success:

  • Ensure the clinic has enough lightening in each corner of the office (primarily focus on the reception area and treatment rooms)
  • Ensure the dental chair you purchase is comfortable as your patients are going to spend a lot of time in it
  • Use calming artwork, wall decorations, and colors to create a comfortable space for your patients and employees.

Even if you are starting small with a single dental chair and a few employees, it’s always wise to analyze in the beginning how your business is going to expand in the future. Think how much space and number of employees you would require if the number of patients gets multiplied quickly. As mentioned earlier, always keep in the mind the possible expansion in the future.  

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