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How Outsourcing Helps with Reducing Patient Waiting Time and Increasing Patient Satisfaction

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August 17, 2020
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A flourishing dental practice relies upon the health care provider’s expertise to deliver the required treatment and also a remarkable and fulfilling patient experience.

Many dental professionals consider that their relationship with the patient is limited to personal interaction. However, post-procedure satisfaction of the patient is equally necessary. While you give your patient the best treatment if the post-procedure service provided by your practice is not satisfactory, then holding a patient for a long-term association with your practice, may become a bit difficult. So, it is essential to make them feel valued by promptly responding to their calls and acknowledging their queries. But juggling between patient care and post-procedure follow-ups can sometimes be overwhelming for the dentist. To reduce the overburden on the staff and on themselves, many dental practitioners outsource the billing services. Outsourcing billing services provide a stress-free alternative that not just increases patient satisfaction but also efficiently manages the revenues.

How outsourcing is a smart solution to increase patient satisfaction and to reduce patient waiting time?

While at the dental office, most of the dentists might have experienced cancellation of an appointment. On the other hand, there might be days that the dentists are so overwhelmed at work that they do not even get time for lunch. Outsourcing provides a smart solution to all those haphazard appointments so you can plan your day constructively.

The many benefits of outsourcing your billing and calling services include:

Significant reduction in the number of missed appointments:

Getting a call from a patient regarding an appointment while you are attending a patient may be distracting. To avoid any distraction, it is always convenient to outsource your patient care team who take care of all appointments, and rescheduling calls on your behalf.

Helps in gathering accurate information about the patient eligibility well before their scheduled appointment:

It is always wise to collect details regarding the patient’s insurance and patient’s history before their scheduled appointment. While this helps in smooth payments for you, it also helps the patients in availing the insurance benefits they have subscribed to. A billing services company helps you to bill correctly which in turn helps to keep the financial health of your practice and also the satisfaction of your patients. Gathering up-to-date information before an actual appointment also ascertains the need for prior authorization.

Helps in uplifting the efficiency of your office staff by reducing their burden:

Your inhouse staff already has the responsibility of managing the routine tasks while taking care of interaction with the patients at the dental office. It can get overwhelming for your staff to attend to the queries of the patients in the dental office while also attending phone calls regarding appointments. By outsourcing the patient’s care team, your patients will get undivided attention, thus making them feel satisfied and valued.

Improves the cash flow of your practice:

With a reduced number of missed appointments, your practice can benefit from the increased opportunities to serve patients. The reduction of work pressure makes you win the trust and loyalty of your employees. Most importantly, the work at the dental office gets streamlined as there is no interruption by calls to check on appointments.

Helps your patients to seamlessly schedule an appointment with you:

Just imagine your patient is standing at the front desk, while the front desk employee is confirming the appointment for another patient. This may lead to mismanagement and at times missed appointments. With outsourced patient appointment services, you never have to face this situation. A streamlined patient appointment process leads to happy patients and  happy patients always ensure a flourishing practice.

Hassle-free billing experience for you and your patients alike:

Your outsourcing partner for the billing services takes care of your payments by correctly billing for the services rendered to patients. This ensures smooth payments for your practice. However, your billing partner not only takes care of your bills but also sends carefully designed and accurate statements to your patients which helps in making the patients aware about their part of the payments. This serves the dual purpose of transparency and also keeping the patients in loop about the payments. 

Give your patient the undivided attention and let them experience the next level of appointment rescheduling. You can ensure this with the help of various billing services companies which ensure efficient billing services. With outsourced billing services, improve your revenue generation, and increase patient satisfaction as patient satisfaction ensures a flourishing practice. At Capline dental services, we provide best billing services to improve the efficiency of dental practices. Reach out to us today & let’s discuss methods to help your practice grow.