How to decorate your dental practice waiting room?  

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April 28, 2022
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May 5, 2022

Visiting a dentist is associated with discomfort and pain, and creating a feeling of warmth and welcome is the jump-start of a patient’s experience with a dental practice.  

Here are a few specific elements for making the first impression of your treatment. 

Reception Desk

Create your reception desk welcoming and friendly with easy access so that the patients know where to go upon arrival. 

An inviting color scheme can do wonders to create an energetic mood without feelings of fear and tension. Every color has a psychology of its own, and that’s why natural colors like white, greens, blues, and browns can help patients keep calm. 

Overuse of colors like reds, yellows, oranges stimulates agitation and anxiety while they wait for their appointment at a dental office. The rugs, upholstery, artwork, and combination fabrics should fit the color scheme and have some continuity.  

Muted tones always brighten up the place and make it look airy. 

The waiting room’s lighting is imperative. A dark waiting room can be gloomy, and your patients might find it depressing. 

Try to have natural light from several directions; firstly, it is a mood booster, and secondly creates a welcoming environment. 

If you don’t have several windows, use chandeliers and lamps to let the light shine in and maintain privacy. 

It’s vital to create the space in a way that fits all types of your target audience. The patients spend a minimum of 15 minutes before the appointment. Coffee tables for families, a desk and chair in a quiet place, children’s interactive books, etc., will help achieve and sustain a high level of satisfaction. 

Comfortable sitting and couches make it easier for them to relax than sitting on hard chairs and waiting for an appointment. 

Small Luxuries 
To provide an inviting experience, a few minor additions like free Wi-Fi, charging points, a refrigerator with juices, reading material, massage chairs, free snacks, a water dispenser, and Netflix can add comfort to their waiting time. 

Updating patients with an estimated waiting time upon arrival is a courtesy to ease their waiting time. A freshly brewed coffee station can help the patient relax and add a homey aroma to the waiting room. 

Many people dislike filling out form after form while they wait. Instead, allow the patients to fill out the form at home. It saves the front office staff time transcribing the hand-writing and helps the patient fill out accurate details. 

Technology is an effective tool that can improve the care you provide with decreased perceived wait time and follow-up visits. 

3D cone beam technology eliminates the need for x-rays, detects cavities through lasers resulting in smaller fillings, and CEREC technology to craft perfect crowns.

It is vital to add a touch of warmth both with plants and flowers. Keeping them in good condition does the trick of adding natural features to the place. First impressions count, so give the area a cleaner and more appealing feel.

Your patients will appreciate the educational brochures presenting the facts.