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How to Implement Dental Insurance Verification System at Your Office

Dental Insurance Verification: How to verify your patients are covered
May 24, 2021
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May 31, 2021

Creating a dental insurance verification system at your office is essential for your practice to run smoothly. Beyond keeping the records of the patients updated and maintaining a healthy relationship with your patients, it keeps your revenue cycle flowing as insurance companies are likely to pay on time for the claims with correct and updated patient information. This article will talk about how you can implement a dental insurance verification system at your office.

Importance of Dental Insurance Verification

Dental insurance verification is equally important for you and your patients. As soon as you verify their insurance coverage details, you would know if they are eligible for the required dental service or not. You can make them aware of the benefits they are likely to get and how much they owe you after their insurance plan pays. This way, you can provide the necessary treatment to your patients as per their plan and requirement. It will also help you to learn whether your patients are liable to pay any first-time visiting cost such as the deductible among other charges if any.

How to Implement a Dental Insurance Verification System at your office?

There are various ways to verify dental insurance, including automated services, in-house dental insurance verification form, outsourcing insurance verification services, and fax. You can also confirm with your patient in case of any change in their information.

The simplest way to place a dental insurance verification system is to ask your front office executive to collect all the required information from your patients first. It’s never a good idea to verify eligibility once the patient has left the office. When claims with correct information are submitted, it will improve your overall claim submission and reimbursement rate as claim denials will be less. Ask your in-house teams to make this process a regular practice.

Let’s discuss some other ways to implement a dental insurance verification system at your office: 

  1. Automated ServicesIn automated services, there are several websites available that you can access for insurance verification. You are required to log in to your account and check your patients’ eligibility. It may also be the case that you have to call the insurance company to determine conditions with  respect to particular procedures. 
  2. In-house Dental Insurance Verification form – Create an in-house dental insurance verification form that has all the required fields including patient information (name, policy id, address, social security number, etc.), and ask your team to verify all the details with the insurance company. 
  3. Outsource Insurance Verification Services – Outsourcing the insurance verification services to professionals seems to be the obvious and the most appropriate way. It will allow you to spend more time with your patients, understand their oral problems while the professional handles the rest on your behalf.

Fax is also a way to get the required information to verify the insurance coverage details of your patients. Although it does provide you documentation, you may not receive all the information, including past treatment history, claims, and other information. This is why it is a less preferable mode of communication for insurance verification.

Dental Insurance Verification is crucial to prevent payment denial and inform your patients about their dental coverage. Implementing any of the above Insurance Verification systems makes dental insurance verification simple and smooth and can save you precious time.