How to save time on dental insurance verifications

Why is Outsourcing Dental Eligibility Verification Better for Your Practice?
May 31, 2021
How to Verify Dental Eligibility?
June 7, 2021

A dentist has so many responsibilities to fulfill like providing excellent services to the patient, ensuring that every patient gets appropriate treatment at the right time, and many other essential services. In their hectic schedule, they find it difficult to manage administrative services. However, the consequence of neglecting administrative duties means leaving money on the table which is why handling dental eligibility verification is a critical process.

If a dental office fails to bill the claim and collect the payment, then the dental office faces serious financial loss. In addition, dental billing also includes submitting dental claims to the right insurance providers. Dental eligibility verification when done right verifies patient coverage, reduces claims denials, streamlines front office operations, and increases the financial flow of the dental office.

We at Capline Dental services understand the difficulties and importance of dental eligibility verification service. We know it’s important to check eligibility for active coverage before providing dental services to patients. Our main motto is to help you to ensure that the dental office is paid for the services they provide to patients. With it, we also ensure to avoid the chances of claims denials, and other complications affecting the payment directly from the patients. Our expert team remains at the top of the process by collecting the information of all patients well in advance before your appointment.

Understanding the benefits of Dental Eligibility Verification Service:

Eligibility verification is the initial step performed before providing dental care to the patient. If this initial step fails, then the dental office fails to verify if the deductible needs to be paid by the patient on their first visit or not- and the practice may fail to make good terms with the patient and may lose money later. It can also be possible that the dental office may get less payment than expected. Sometimes, patients are not aware of their deductibles, copay, co-insurance, and maximum allowable amount under their plan.

The dental verification process also aids dental organizations by helping them in creating proper treatment plans. This step will help the dental offices to get more revenue, better patient experience, and a fast cash flow. This process also enables admin staff to make good terms with patients by reducing the hold time with insurance providers.

Insurance companies keep updating their coverage policies yearly. Incorrect verification of insurance may affect the cash flow resulting in low collections, outstanding claims. unhappy patients and high account receivables.An efficient dental eligibility verification process helps resolve these issues and can be avoided by verifying the patient before they reach the dental office. Additionally, it will help in making good connections with patients making them loyal, much happier, and trustworthy.