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Idaho Dental Billing & Collection

The primary focus of a dentist is to provide the required dental care to patients. The second most important aspect of the operations is dental billing and collection. Revenue Cycle needs to be optimized to ensure the overall health and long term sustainability of the practice. The overall management of the practice which includes the collection process, claims denial management and staying HIPAA compliant all the while among others is a complex process and constitutes the billing process. An efficient billing process keeps the revenue cycle running. Capline Services, with its skilled and seasoned manpower, is a top choice to outsource all the billing needs of your office. We deal in everything from Revenue Cycle Management to support and operate all across the US. We optimize the revenue cycle of the dental offices by coordinating with insurance companies, providers and patients with high quality and accuracy, eliminating all the glitches in the process.

Some highlights of our services are:

Daily processing of all the primary and secondary claims.
Clean Claims Tool is used to check the accuracy of claims before submitting them to the insurances.
Detailed Claim Management and Tracking (Aging)
Timely Insurance Payments Posting and Adjustments (if required)
Regular follow-up with the insurers and appeal for denied claims
Periodic reports showing the performance of your practice in areas like collections.
Electronic Patient Statements (Add on service)

At Idaho Dental Billing & Collection, our primary goal is to optimize the cash flow of your office by eliminating the glitches in the revenue cycle management and taking care of your accounts receivables. Our dental billing service plans cater to the needs of dental offices of all sizes.

No more missing documents! We are here to take the administrative burden off your shoulders.

Idaho Dental Credentialing

PPO, DMO, HMO, DHMO, Medicaid, CHIP Credentialing in Idaho

To be able to run and manage a successful dental practice you need to go through the tedious and complex credentialing process. The credentialing process involves a lot of paperwork and coordination with insurances which eats up a lot of time and resources. Capline Services makes the whole credentialing process easier for you and gets you credentialed as quickly as possible, while staying in accordance with the rules, regulations and standards of the credentialing process. Idaho Dental Credentialing has been providing credentialing services all across the US for a number of years now and the dentists we have credentialed have now been running successful dental practices across the country.

Credentialing is the process of collection and verification of the professional qualifications of dentists. Some of them include:

Verification of the dental license
Academic background
Professional training

We ensure that your application is complete and accurate so that the process is smooth. Idaho Dental Credentialing understands every aspect of the credentialing process and credentialing specialists within the industry.

Interested in Dental Credentialing Services in Idaho? Let us know your requirements; we will be happy to assist you!

Idaho Dental Insurance Verification

Dental eligibility verification is an important and one of the most complex aspects of the management of a successful dental practice even before the patient arrives at the office. Idaho Dental Credentialing understands that it is important to know the exact eligibility and the coverage of the patients when the treatment plans are prepared. Our focus is to assist you in deciding the treatment plans for the patients and to make sure that you get accurately paid for your services, avoiding claim denials.

Capline services are a well-known name for the insurance verification services all across the US. Our teams will be on top of this whole process for you, collecting patient information well with the time of actual appointments, up to the last minute of the appointment. Our experienced team performs these steps to make sure that all the patient information is collected in advance and you can focus on the treatment:

Contacting insurances to verify the patients’ eligibility
Collecting the complete coverage information of the patients in detail
Keeping the patient record updated with the collected information
Patient follow up
Claim submission

Outsourcing your insurance eligibility verification tasks to Idaho Dental Insurance Verification will help you get accurate and timely claims paid.

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