How ignoring Insurance Verification leads to unpaid claims

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March 14, 2019
Effective Revenue Cycle Management
March 18, 2019

Insurance verification plays a crucial role in managing the revenue cycle of your practice. If verifications are not managed successfully, there are increased chances of losing revenue. In addition to the time and effort, there are other aspects that go in vain if a patient’s insurance is not verified properly.

Verifying insurance eligibility is important before providing dental service to your patients. The procedure is known to improve revenue and patient satisfaction if done properly. However, dental service providers find it challenging to carry out insurance verification process because they are already tied up attending patients. This is the reason they look forward to outsourcing insurance verification for their practice. If practices ignore to do IV, there are chances of delayed payments, non-payment of claims and ultimately patient dissatisfaction.

By outsourcing Insurance Verification services to us, you can get your claims billed and processed accurately. We take care of all the paperwork related to your practice, which, further helps in timely reimbursement.

We are well equipped with a team of insurance verification experts who are extraordinarily great at carrying out verification of patient details, deductible details, contact details, co-insurance details, coverage details, pre-certification details, patient benefits, and other required info to avoid the last minute cancellation and to ensure accurate billing and verification.

Advantages of Doing Insurance Verification Timely

  • We help to identify errors before the practice bills the insurance to deliver clean claims.
  • A claim usually gets denied because of missing information, such as service code. Our experts analyze the information and make sure that we do not miss out on something.
  • Other factors like timely filing, manual errors and many others could be causing more denials than you realize. We help resolve all of them at ease.

Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on these common issues for insurance denials and see if you can improve your verification approach to decrease denials. Insurance reimbursements are the bread and butter of most of the dental practices, so it’s important to keep a track of claims and assess the reasons for denials. If you don’t have that expert assistance for your practice, you are bound to repeat the errors that cause denials.

A claim review process designed properly will help you notify about problems that might be leading to claim denials. Consider the tips from our experts for keeping claim denials in control. By doing so, you will be able to spot issues early and take steps to maximize reimbursement.