Illinois Dental Billing & Collection Insurance Verification & Credentialing

Illinois Dental Billing & Collection

Capline Dental Services is a comprehensive dental billing outsourcing company, dealing in everything right from Revenue Cycle Management to support. We operate throughout the US. Our services are quality-rich and completely focused on improving the bottom line of your practice. We understand that dental billing is a time-consuming task and takes up a lot of your staff’s time. By outsourcing Illinois Dental Billing & Collection, you can save a lot more than just time. We allow your practice to focus on something more productive, i.e. patient care. We make your practice more efficient by taking the burden of administrative and billing off your shoulder.

At Capline, we follow streamlined methods that get you faster results. We will increase your cash flow while giving your staff the relieve they need to provide truly exceptional patient care. So, if you want to practice simple, effective and transparent dental billing services, choose us. We will battle with your billing and paperwork while you offer the best care to your patients.

Our systemic approach focuses on multiplying the revenue by identifying ongoing identification of opportunities and obstacles. We work with you to overcome the obstacles in your practice. A few highlights of our services include:

Daily Processing of Primary and Secondary Claims
Using Clean Claims Tool to Check for Accuracy of Claims before Submitting to Insurance
Claims Correction and Re-Submission
Claims Management and Tracking (Aging)
Insurance Payments Posting and Adjustments (if required)
Follow-up with Insurers and Appeal of Denied Claim
Periodic reports that show how your practice is doing at collections
Patient Statements (Add on Service)

Enjoy greater income and minimize lost reimbursements with highly effective dental billing services designed to meet your needs.

Illinois Dental Credentialing

PPO, DMO, HMO, DHMO, Medicaid, CHIP Credentialing in Illinois

Dental Credentialing is the process of validating the qualifications of a dentist by assessing and reevaluating the practice history. Credentialing evaluates a dentist’s qualifications in order to participate in an insurance network.

We help providers across the US get networked with insurance companies. Our credentialing experts reduce the paperwork burden and get you credentialed with a streamlined onboarding process. Credentialing plays an important role in maintaining the health of your practice. When you choose Illinois Dental Credentialing Services, you will get access to a team of dedicated experts who will act as an extension of your staff to deliver provider enrollment assistance. We are committed to providing excellent Dental Credentialing Services to dentists to meet their needs in the ever changing world of provider credentialing.

Submitting applications is redundant process and involves filling them out multiple times. By working with Capline, you won’t have to worry about that.
We will find the right insurance networks for you and get you involved in as many insurance networks as possible.
If you do credentialing in house, you will end up spending hours up hours of filling out similar forms. However, when you handle it to us, we will get you enrolled faster. A dentist or office manager’s time is too valuable to be taken up by these tasks. Therefore, Capline takes the task off your hands so you can focus on making patients happy.

Capline handles the entire credentialing process for dentists in accordance with all applicable regulations once you provide them with all the proper paperwork. Our credentialing department works quickly to get this process taken care of in the shortest possible time.

Interested in Dental Credentialing Services in Illinois? Let us know your requirements, we will be happy to assist you in the best possible ways.

Why Choose Us for Your Dental Credentialing Needs?

Illinois Dental Insurance Verification

Are you facing issues in validating your patient’s copays, benefits and deductibles? If yes, you must collaborate with an IV expert company that relieves you from the burden of eligibility verification. An accurate and reliable eligibility verification process entails proper submission of claims, zero denials/errors, lesser rejections and increased reimbursements. It also helps the practice in collecting clean claims.

At Illinois Dental Insurance Verification, we are acquainted with a team of IV experts who can help revamp you eligibility verification process. We offer a comprehensive range of insurance verification outsourcing services that encompass the following:

Patient Eligibility Verification
Checking with Insurance Company for Missing or Incorrect Information
Patient Follow-up
Claim Submission

We understand that a clean claim process keeps patients well-informed of their financial obligations and limits the payer’s work to process those accurate claims. Outsourcing your insurance eligibility verification tasks to us will help you get accurate and timely claims paid. This will help you explore new opportunities for reimbursements as well.

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