Importance of Patient Statement Services in Patient’s Satisfaction

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May 29, 2020
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The ultimate goal of every healthcare provider is the satisfaction of its patients.. The dental care providers offering dental services follow the same goal and try to offer every possible service that helps in achieving that goal. For the companies providing dental services, Patient Billing and Statement generation services, is one such area that is playing a vital role in creating a generation of happy and satisfied patients. The article is going to talk about the very role these services are playing.

The patient billing and statement generation services usually have three steps:

  1. Generation of Statements & Bills – During generation of patient statements, every item in the bill is cross-verified by the billing experts.
  2. Printing patient bills & statements – All the statements and bills are printed in a precise font that is easily readable.
  3. Mailing patient statements & bills – As per the patient’s requirements, a soft and a hard copy of the bills and statements will be emailed.  

Billing experts also do smooth follow-ups with the patients for the payments. The billing experts also effectively deal with the patients who may call for any billing clarification. However, if the bills and statements have been created in an easy and understandable format, follow-ups are not generally required.

If done properly, the three steps successfully complete the process of creating a satisfied patient. You would be surprised to know that how creating simple patient billing and statements which are easy to read and easy to understand not just creates a league of happy and satisfied patients, but helps you reach your revenue cycle goals as well. Let’s look at the chain of reasons that makes a patient happy if his/her bill or statement is right and easy to read. 

Easy to understand patient statements

Anything that is easy to understand makes you comfortable somehow. The same is the case with dental bills and statements. The first and foremost step is to generate clear and simple patient bills and statements that leave absolutely no doubt for the patients. Once it’s done, half of your work is done. 

No Confusion 

Reading or understanding bills has never been an easy task for patients. Somewhere or other, you must have seen patients fighting or arguing for their bills because either they feel they have been charged extra or there are some unnecessary charges on the bill. As soon as an easy to understand patient statement is created, the patient is going to have no confusion about the process or services she/he is paying for. Sorted. Isn’t it!

Pay on time

Now, easy to read bills & statements and patients with no confusion over it, are in your court. What do you think would be next? Understanding the statement or bill makes a patient pay on time. When a patient understands his/her bill, s/he is not hesitant to pay the bill and knows where exactly his/her hard-earned money is going. On time bill payment takes it to the next level, not just for your revenue goals but for your dental practice as well. The patient statement services allow patients to pay through various payment modes (credit card, debit card, etc.) that add to better their experience. 

Boost Revenue cycle

When you have satisfied patients who are paying on time, it’s obviously going to contribute in making your revenue cycle more efficient. Now, with happy and satisfied patients and an accelerated revenue cycle that helps your business grow and achieve revenue goals, you have a dedicated time, for the very thing you are in business for – dental practice. 

Dedicated time for dental practices

When patients are happy and the money is flowing in on time, you will have more time to focus on your dental practice, the core area of your business because that’s the primary foundation for happy and satisfied patients. 

And, as they say, nothing is more satisfying for a healthcare firm than its  HAPPY,  SMILING & SATISFIED PATIENTS.