How Important Are Phone Calls for Your Practice

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November 14, 2019
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December 17, 2019

Do you ever wonder how a phone call can take your patient experience to the next level? Since patients are the lifeblood of your practice, it is your duly responsibility to handle them with ease. A phone call from your patient could be an ultimate source of revenue, if taken care of properly.

To make sure that a phone experience goes flawless, you need to extract out the trouble areas first. In a busy world where dental practices thrive, time is the key component. A patient call sheet is the only weapon you could make best use of. It has all the patient information and it also sets the base for simultaneously building a relationship with your patient.

If your practice is not using a call sheet, it’s time to create a customized one. The only major objective should be to build a new relationship with your patient and set the stage for case acceptance. Another way to use patient’s phone calls smartly is to use all of the information that you gather over the phone call.

One such example is a patient no show. To eliminate the problems causing patient no-shows, it is advisable to relay the information acquired. During a phone call, the first and last moments of an interaction are what patients remember. If your front desk staff acts annoyed at the patient, it can become difficult to recover. Similarly, not having follow up phone calls can also let them feel overlooked, so these are some important areas to be monitored.

There are many businesses that rely on the fact that customer is always right. The same goes for dental industry. There is no room for defensiveness or apathy when it comes to delivering a great customer experience. Instead the staff should sincerely empathize with the patient and try to solve their problems.

While interacting with the patients, your front office staff should always bring their A game at all times. This is important and calls the need to hire reliable, proficient and compassionate people.

Hiring like minded people with the right skills set can go a long way to move your dental practice and improve your patient satisfaction scores, thereby optimizing revenue and increasing efficiency