Indiana Dental Billing & Collection

Dentists often get confused on what their aging and collections look like. We know how busy you are while taking excellent care of your patients and that doesn’t leave much time for you to manage all aspects of your billing process. Your front office staff is dedicated to filling your schedule and collecting your payments. Isn’t that?

Our dedicated team of billing professionals have experience in analyzing the billing process to identify strengths and loopholes to maximize your collections. Indiana Dental Billing & Collection Services works towards sending clean claims, reducing aging and getting denied claims paid. Start your hard earned money collected today and increase your practice growth and financial health. Maximize your practice’s collection rate with Capline.

We follow-up daily & weekly on A/R reports to make sure payment delays are kept to least. Rejections and Denials in our services is almost nil. Our team has discovered that dental practices become profitable, staff become efficient, and office culture improves when the billing process is less of a distraction.

Our billers are specialized to serve dental practices. Their knowledge and experience has been acquired by years of efforts which they now leverage to help practices collect more revenue.

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Indiana Dental Credentialing

PPO, DMO, HMO, DHMO, Medicaid, CHIP Credentialing in Indiana

Capline gets you credentialed fast. Indiana Dental Credentialing Services is a one-stop solution that address the challenges of insurance enrollment, contract negotiation, Medicare/Medicaid enrollment and physician credentialing. With our experience, we have assisted multiple practices every year with new provider credentialing, CAQH credentialing, recredentialing and maintenance services. Our Credentialing experts stay compliant with the Dental Credentialing process. Additionally, we also specialize in providing great results with effective fee negotiation and quick turnaround times. Trust us, as we’ll eliminate the headache of your enrollment process.

Outsourcing to Capline ensures that you will have more time for your patients while we are involved in keeping your practice in-network.

Why Choose Capline for Dental Credentialing?

  • Prompt results
  • Proper follow ups
  • Uninterrupted process
  • Efficient and accurate Credentialing done by in-house expert

Choose us and get rid of this redundant credentialing process. Our experts will help you maximize revenue opportunities by being a part of your own in-house credentialing department. Our credentialing services are customized for dental practices of any size. Call us to know more about our services.

Indiana Dental Insurance Verification

Save time, avoid denials and get paid with Capline’s Dental Insurance Verification service that saves front office time, improves patient relationships & reduces your risk of rejected claims. Our experts will also help you with payment processing, A/R management & scheduling features. Each one is designed to make sure that manual process is automated, which, in turn, results in an increase in drive in revenue.

Indiana Dental Insurance Verification Services has multiple years of experience in helping dental practices reduce their accounts receivable cycle and increase revenue. We achieved this by blending domain expertise with advanced methodologies to keep delayed payments at bay. Our process workflow reduces your time to generate clean claims.

What We Do For You?

  • Ensure benefits for patients prior to submitting to the insurance company for approval.
  • Verifying patient information with the carrier.
  • Verify insurance coverage on primary and secondary payers.
  • Complete appropriate sheets and authorization forms.
  • Contact the insurance companies via phone, online portal and email to obtain approval for your authorization request.
  • Contact insurance agencies for appeals.

When you outsource us for your Insurance Verification needs, you’ll be given a service focused on improving the accuracy and efficiency of your process.

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