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Kansas Dental Billing & Collection

At Capline Dental Services, we put your needs on top priority. Our business operates on transparency, trust and long-term commitment. We provide you with a fully equipped billing team that takes the stress away from you so you can focus only on patient care. Kansas Dental Billing & Collection Services is not only directed towards improving the efficiency but also guides you to take the right step that maintains the financial health of your practice.

Before landing to us, you might have come across many outsourcing firms that brag about multiplying revenue 10 times but there would be only a few who would say yes we stand for you even in the odd times. And yes, we are the one, Capline’s team has the experts who have an understanding of your requirements. We are constantly on the move to offer excellent customer service.

With an extensive range of customized dental billing and practice management services, we do all the heavy lifting from the moment the patient walks in the door. We serve every dental practice based on their individual needs. Outsourcing billing & claim management to us can increase collectables. Coding, in itself is a complex process. With the recent advancement in CPT and ICD codes, we have kept ourselves updated to ensure that there is no discrepancy found in the billing process. So, correct billing and faster reimbursement is something you can expect from us.

Our collection process is extremely transparent and it gives a clear picture towards your practice’s expenses. Our team is also adroit at dealing with rejections, if any. Our claims are always paid on first attempts with a higher success rate.

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Kansas Dental Credentialing

PPO, DMO, HMO, DHMO, Medicaid, CHIP Credentialing in Kansas

Delivering timely turnaround is our forte which is why we have emerged as a leading dental credentialing service provider in Kansas. Our experts will assess your qualifications, experience and competence to take the stress out of your credentialing process. To keep you up-to-date, we will walk through the entire process. Right from full credentialing to revalidation, our experts can take care of everything for you.

When you hire Kansas Dental Credentialing Services for your practice’s needs, you get reimbursed faster. Our process is comparatively fast because we are fully aware about the industry’s regulations. We will get you credentialed and billed faster.

Kansas Dental Insurance Verification

Quick and accurate insurance verification process plays an important role in submitting a claim successfully. If proper care is not taken, there are higher chances of rejection, which may further impact the revenue cycle and patient experience. Capturing accurate patient eligibility and benefits information prior to or at the time of service helps reduce denials and also preserves their earned revenue. Similarly, the scope of getting paid on time also increases.

If you outsource insurance and eligibility verification to Kansas Dental Insurance Verification Company, you will be able to experience reduced claim rejections dramatically. We don’t want your patients to keep waiting, therefore, we speed up the entire process, while they sit back and relax comfortably on the couch.

Our IV experts perform a pre Insurance Verification to check for eligibility, pre authorization, referral or if any copay has to be collected. Insurance verification and pre authorizations take up a lot of time. Relying on our specialists will help you take the hassle out of the entire process.

Our verification system is fast and accurate. By outsourcing us for Insurance Verification, you get the following advantages:

  • Reduction in the number of denied/rejected claims
  • Quick verification
  • Accurate data
  • No more paper burden
  • Improved practice efficiency
  • Clean claims
  • Speedy reimbursement process
  • Correct and complete IV’s
  • Less stress, more peace of mind

At Capline Dental Services, we strive to make paperwork simpler for practices by providing comprehensive, cost-effective credentialing and contracting solutions. Call us today to get the best quote based on your requirements. Our experts will assist you with any of your queries and give the best solution that is expected out of us.

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