Maine Dental Billing & Collection

Billing and collection is no doubt the most important aspect of a healthy dental practice. With detail and precision required in each step of filing a claim and getting the reimbursement, the office staff need to focus a lot more to avoid denial of claims. At Capline Dental Services, we follow specific protocols and expertise to get maximum reimbursement for your practice in the most efficient manner with our comprehensive experience in billing and collection. We understand the unique challenges of dental practices.

With Maine Dental Billing & Collection you can be assured of a long-term commitment from our team of experts and highly qualified professionals. We file a high number of claims daily and with great accuracy, so the turnaround time on collection is dramatically reduced. We take the workload from your shoulders, acting as an extension of your office staff, so that we meet your specific needs and you and your staff can focus on your core competency- Patient Care.

Some features of our billing and collection services are:

  • Electronic claim filing and payment posting
  • Handling claim denials and appeals
  • Providing timely and effective follow-up on unpaid claims
  • Keeping you updated by providing regular and timely reports

The billing and collection specialists at Maine Dental Billing & Collection are well-equipped to provide you an unmatched level of service. Using a well defined process, we customize your billing process so that it’s quicker and simpler.

At Maine Dental Billing & Collection, we customize our services for you. We tailor our expertise and services to meet your needs. So, if you think your practice requires expert care then contact us now and we’ll tell you how we can uplift your practice for higher growth.

Maine Dental Credentialing

PPO, DMO, HMO, DHMO, Medicaid, CHIP Credentialing in Maine

Every dental practitioner is required to enroll into an insurance credentialing process to get paid for the services rendered to patients having insurance enrollment. Credentialing is a complicated and long process and involves a lot of paperwork. The process can get too cumbersome and time consuming for practitioners as they also need to focus on patient care. We at Maine Dental Credentialing take the burden of credentialing off your shoulders and help you get credentialed with insurance networks in way less time. Our credentialing experts know the whole process well and are well equipped to handle your applications while also effectively coordinating with insurances for missing documents and to know the current status. We follow a well defined procedure which makes it easy for our team to coordinate with you and insurances for required documentation and enables us to give attention to details. We at Maine Dental Credentialing understand the exasperation that comes with this process, and thus help in making the whole credentialing process simpler for you.

Experts at Maine Dental Credentialing simplify the complex credentialing process and reduce administrative costs by efficiently managing provider enrollment across diverse plans. So, if you are interested to save time in your credentialing application, contact us today and we are here to help!

Maine Dental Insurance Verification

Proper Insurance eligibility verification of a patient is very important as a first step before the treatment is provided. An accurate insurance verification ensures that the patient has coverage and services that are being provided are covered. With the accurate information about all this the denials can be minimized and payments for rendered services are expedited. Denied claims form a major chunk of the revenue loss for dental practices. Maine Dental Insurance Verification has been providing efficient and glitch free patient insurance eligibility verification services to providers in Maine and all across the country for a number of years now. Our cost-effective services help providers save overhead costs and save them time so that they focus on delivering great patient care.

Features of our Insurance Verification Services include:

  • Elimination of the need of office staff for the tedious verification processes so that they are free for other core administrative tasks
  • Minimize denied claims and expedite the collections
  • Increased cash collection
  • Reduce billing errors which result in claim denials
  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Save operational costs

Outsourcing insurance eligibility verification services to Maine Dental Insurance Verification will help you in getting the claims processed quickly, hence improving your cash flow. So, if you are looking for a reliable solution for insurance eligibility verification of your patients then look no further. Get in touch with us today!

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