Massachusetts Dental Billing & Collection

Running a dental practice comes with a lot of challenges that many dentists never think of when starting their services for the first time. Other than just serving the practice, things like marketing, advertising, and billing are also extremely important in running a practice successfully. While focusing on patient care is crucial, it becomes tough to provide these services for long if you’re not getting paid! Dental billing outsourcing can be an outstanding solution in this case.

At Massachusetts Dental Billing & Collection Company, we not only post all insurance payments but also work on outstanding claims on a daily basis. Our experts track all outstanding amount, right from the initial bills to the entire collections.

We provide our clients a comprehensive range of billing and collection services to make practice management easier for you and your staff. Our primary objective lies in reducing the time of AR follow up with the regular follow-up of pending claims. Our highly trained AR follow up team strategizes and then conducts an extensive analysis of pending accounts receivables. Our team follows up with insurance providers on claims that are pending for long. This results in open claims and timely settlement of denials.

When you hire us, you can be rest assured knowing that your practice’s collections will increase without loss of revenue.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Dental Billing & Collection:

  • Spending less on administrative tasks
  • Having more time to focus on providing the best service possible
  • Increasing profits by decreasing write-offs
  • Increasing in network fee schedules
  • Help you grow as an efficient practice

Massachusetts Dental Credentialing

PPO, DMO, HMO, DHMO, Medicaid, CHIP Credentialing in Massachusetts

Dentists can either be confused or too busy to do Credentialing. However, we at Capline can help dentists get this important work done right. Our experts will help you obtain credentials accurately and on time. We have the experience to help you get this process done in a timely manner. Whether Credentialing is being done for different payors or just one payor, you simply need to fill out one application – and leave the rest to us.

  • Our professionals will take care of every detail for you.
  • We can contact you weekly to update on the progress until the process is done.
  • We also track all applications and maintain accurate records.
  • Security, confidentiality and accuracy is our forte.

No matter if you’re a well established or independent practice, our experts make credentialing faster, easier, and transparent. Massachusetts Dental Credentialing company has years of experience and can answer your questions throughout the process.

Our experts have years of experience in getting credentialing done successfully and we will make sure everything goes smoothly for your practice. We do all the paperwork and follow-up in one go.

We understand how frustrating the process can be, therefore, we make your credentialing process easier.

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Massachusetts Dental Insurance Verification

Dental Insurance Verification is the process of verification of the eligibility, coverage and active benefits of a patient with the insurance companies. For dental practices, the successful billing is dependent fully on accurate, complete and correct verification of the insurance. Owing to the rise in the number of patients getting insured, it has become tough for practices to handle the workload of doing verification in-house. Our professional team members manage the procedure of verification, active coverage and advantages with the insurance company. To stop the claim rejection, it is important to get the verification performed before providing the services.

Massachusetts Dental Insurance Verification company takes away the stress of claim management and increase your practice revenue by offering the following:

  • Faster claim submission
  • Accurate and clean claims
  • Evaluating EOB’s
  • Insurance follow up calls
  • Properly filed claims

Our experts also look for correct erroneous data to ensure that every claim is filed promptly. By doing so, we help you receive payment quickly and more of your time is spent with your patients.

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