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Medicaid Roster Analysis for Dentaquest and MCNA

Medicaid is one of the largest expenditures undertaken by any state. Managed Care Organizations (MCO) like Dentaquest and MCNA help optimize these costs and expenditures. Dentaquest and MCNA together provide a listing of patients assigned to dentists and dental offices. Although these listings are a part of the provider portal, getting this data is time consuming and cumbersome. Additionally, it becomes difficult to gain access for dentists to know who is assigned to them.
This is where Capline Dental Services’ Medicaid Roster Analysis assistance comes into the picture. Our services are tailored to help in making this process streamlined and organized. Our team of experts make sure that your dental practice is relieved off the excessive burdens of logistics and operational tasks. We understand that every dental practice has different roster analysis needs, our team meets you where yours are.
We help organize listings for both the current patients, as well as the patients that have been previously treated by your dental practice. Our assistance with the roster listings and the patient listings, help your practice be relieved of the heavyweights of organizing them. We also help to divide the list into the new and the repetitive patients.

What Services Does Your Practice Get With Us?

Our reporting services are reliable and sustainable. We make sure that our reports are consistent, accurate and actionable. Our list of roster services includes:

  • New members assigned to a roster.
  • Members that are removed from the roster.
  • Members assigned and due for prophylaxis.
  • Comparison of assigned and removed members.
  • Comparison of the age group of the assigned members.
  • Providing a list of patients to call.

When our team will fetch the data from the MCNA and Dentaquest portals, it will add as the roster data for the new members. Our team will also fetch the repeat and recall patients from your practice’s management software. With the access to your PMS, we can organize and streamline the patient listing for your convenient usage.

How Can We Help You Get Organized?

Our team of experts help you organize your medicaid rosters so that you can continue to focus on providing your patients with the necessary treatments and keep running your practice without bearing the added burden of maintaining these rosters.

Our key services also include in making the necessary follow-ups, keeping a track of any consequent changes as well as maintaining a clear distinction between the new and the repeated patients.

Get ahead of your competitors and excel in your medicaid roster analysis and organization.
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