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Montana Dental Billing & Collection

It’s imperative for the overall financial health of your dental practice that you manage your reimbursement well. How you are paid and if your cash flow is protected depends on how well you manage your practice in aspects like financial, operational and to some extent technical areas as well. Seeing the number of routine tasks that have to be taken care of by your office staff, the question to ask is – will not your staff be overburdened by the additional task of handling the billing of claims besides handling other administrative tasks of the office? Capline Dental Services with its team of highly skilled professionals can help you relieve your office staff of this excessive burden by efficiently handling the billing operations for your practice. With an experience of so many years in the industry you can be sure of best results with our services.

Montana Dental Billing And Collection ensures your invoices are sent on time and are timely paid so that the cash flow of your practice is healthy & protected.Our billing and collection services lead to speedy collections, optimization of the revenue cycle, and elimination of financial uncertainty, leading to a better efficiency of your practice in all the parameters of a successful dental practice.

Some features of our billing and collection services are:

  • We gather information from your billing system
  • We review the procedure and prepare the claim after careful examination
  • We send timely invoices and statements to clients
  • We collect all the outstanding balances that are owed to your practice

Montana Dental Billing & Collection is the dental billing outsourcing solution that you have always been looking for your dental practice. We are here to help you at every step of claim submission and collection of all the money that is owed to you. With us handling your billing operations, you can be sure of higher collections while your staff can focus on core administrative tasks. Contact us today and find out how we can help you in your dental practice billing & collection needs.

Montana Dental Credentialing

PPO, DMO, HMO, DHMO, Medicaid, CHIP Credentialing in Montana

All dental providers will agree to the fact that getting Credentialed with insurance networks is of prime importance for being able to see more number of patients and getting paid on time for the services rendered. Practices need to handle this aspect very carefully to avoid the unnecessary delays in the whole process which involves a lot of paperwork. At Montana Dental Credentialing, we help providers from all across Montana every year by making the whole process simpler and less time consuming for them. We take care of their applications right from the beginning till they are successfully credentialed with insurance networks that they choose. Our services are designed as per your needs.

With a team of credentialing experts backing your applications, you can be sure that your credentialing application is fully complete with all the details right at the first go. Experts at Montana Dental Credentialing simplify the complex credentialing process for you and reduce your administrative costs by efficiently managing provider enrollment across diverse plans.

Interested in Dental Credentialing Services in Montana? We will be happy to assist you!

Montana Dental Insurance Verification

Accurately verifying the eligibility of the patients is important to ensure appropriate collections for the practice by avoiding errors and processing clean claims. However, insurance eligibility verification is a cumbersome process and requires precision and focus on details. With your office staff already occupied with core administrative tasks, chances of errors happening are quite high which might lead to claim denials and ultimately financial loss for your practice. Montana Dental Insurance Verification has been helping dental practices with accurately verifying all the eligibility details of the patients well in time so that the claims that are filed with insurances are correct and claim acceptance ratios are high. We offer comprehensive insurance verification services and timely follow up with the insurances so that you get more time for providing quality patient care. Capline Dental Services has a team of some of the best professionals in the industry to take care of your insurance verification needs.

Our team at Capline Dental Services follows a carefully designed process to verify the eligibility details of your patients which results in increased claims acceptance and reduced denials.

Features of our insurance verification services include:

  • Our services are fully HIPAA compliant so we assure complete insurance data security
  • Use of the latest medical billing software
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Accurate verification of all the patient information

Outsource your insurance eligibility verification services to Capline Dental Services today and see better results for your practice with quick claim processing and improved cash flow. Contact us today and we are ready to assist you with the most efficient and reliable services in the industry!

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