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New Jersey Dental Billing & Collection

At Capline Dental Billing Services, we can help you achieve maximum profitability and allow you to focus only on patient care. Our effective dental billing services are aimed at taking away the burden of billing, while reducing your overhead cost. We increase collection and allow you to get paid faster with our special focus on account follow-ups, claim follow up and so on. Our experts utilize the latest methodologies like reports audit and procedure code analysis.

By availing New Jersey Dental Billing & Collection Services, you will be able to enjoy improved reimbursement rates and an efficient service. Our services are available throughout New Jersey. We are one of the reckoned dental billing service providers in New Jersey and we always aim to run everything smoothly.

We can help you take control of your entire revenue cycle management process and also improve workflow by putting an end to unnecessary denials and delays. Our experts will take on your time-consuming tasks, such as claim submission, follow-up, denial management, payment posting and more, so you can focus on your patients.

We will help you decrease billing errors and increase patient satisfaction. One incorrect entry of a CPT code for reimbursement billing may severely alter an outcome, and unfortunately, payment too. So, at Capline, we can help you maximize the billing opportunities by providing accurate and timely submission of claims.

New Jersey Dental Credentialing

PPO, DMO, HMO, DHMO, Medicaid, CHIP Credentialing in New Jersey

Credentialing is a labor-intensive and tedious process. It can either make or break your practice. A well planned credentialing that is complete, accurate and updated ensures that clean claims will be paid. On the other hand, poor credentialing comes in the way of revenue, no matter how timely the bill is paid.

However, at Capline, we will help you get enrolled with no headache. We work closely with credentialing experts having experience in your area of practice. They also follow up with payors and do not stop until you are enrolled.

If your practice is struggling with credentialing and paperwork, let us know. We will ease your paperwork load and ensure that your claims are paid as quickly as possible. New Jersey Dental Credentialing Company can help you take better control of your credentialing, so that you can focus on serving your patients.

By streamlining the entire credentialing process and diligently following up on outstanding applications, proactively addressing claim denials, our dental credentialing experts can help your practice maximize production.

Free yourself of all the headaches, hills of paperwork, and confusion with the insurance companies. Let us fill out your applications to avoid credentialing errors and delays.

New Jersey Dental Insurance Verification

Incorrect Insurance Verification affects your practice’s bottomline, thereby leading to low collections, increased account receivables and unhappy patients. The moment your patients gets an unexpected statement, they will get upset and never return back to your office. At New Jersey Dental Insurance Verification, we can eliminate all of this by simply verifying the patient’s benefits before the appointment.

An accurate estimated amount with an accurate copay will turn your frustrating patients into a loyal and happier patient. We understand that Insurance Verification is extremely time consuming for your front office staff. However, whenever your staff calls the representative, he/she has to come across longer hold times. To avoid such scenarios, our IV experts are here to help.

We will take care of longer hold times and also verify patient benefits. This will help to avoid the frustration. Our thorough and accurate insurance verification process will decrease the chances of having an outstanding balance. The services we offer as part dental insurance verification are as follows:

  1. Effective date of policy
  2. Plan type and coverage information
  3. Treatment and claim history
  4. Payable benefits
  5. Deductibles
  6. Policy status
  7. Co insurance
  8. Co pay

With several years of expertise, we have continued to reign as a leading dental insurance verification company in New Jersey. We do verification on claims submission against insurer’s criteria to check if their patient is qualified for the service and what portion of the service cost will be borne by them. Save your time and money by outsourcing us for all your insurance verification needs.

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