New York Dental Billing & Collection Insurance Verification & Credentialing

New York Dental Billing & Collection

At Capline Dental Services, we allow practices to focus strictly on patient care by simplifying their billing process. New York Dental Billing & Collection company takes care of all your billing concerns to improve your cash flow and lower operating expenses. Our billing experts complete all the admin work so that you can take care of your patients. We submit your claims timely to make sure that cash flow is consistent. You can rely on us to schedule patients, follow-up on insurance claims and update information accurately.

Our end-to-end dental billing services are aimed at obtaining maximum reimbursement for your practice while reducing overall costs. Tailored to your practice’s specific needs, our services act as an extension to your practice while improving bottom line. We blend extensive knowledge with streamlined claim billing to help clients maximize reimbursement.

Minnesota Dental Billing & Collection, has some of the best billing professionals who are dedicated to obtain maximum collections for your practice. This is made possible by careful and accurate execution of the whole billing process with our focussed and streamlined billing and collection strategy. Our services are fully HIPAA compliant and we offer transparency with our services. Our billing and collection services lead to speedy collections, optimization of the revenue cycle, and elimination of financial uncertainty, thereby positioning your practice for higher efficiency.

Our services cover the following:

Tracking and follow-up on unpaid claims
Daily Processing of Primary and Secondary Claims
Using Clean Claims Tool to Check for Accuracy of Claims before Submitting to Insurance
Claims Correction and Re-Submission
Claims Management and Tracking (Aging)
Insurance Payments Posting and Adjustments (if required)
Follow-up with Insurers and Appeal of Denied Claim
Periodic reports that show how your practice is doing at collections
Patient Statements (Add on Service)

When you work with us, you are assured of the highest reimbursement. It is only possible due to our diligence, expertise and analytics that let us focus on receiving reimbursements in a timely manner. We also facilitate real time transparent reporting that allows you to see a clear overview of your practice growth at any point of time.

Our comprehensive outsourced billing services are made to accommodate the unique needs of a dental practice. Our specialists are trained in all facets of dental billing. We can help you save money, increase revenue, avoid medical insurance denials, and achieve streamlined operations through our phenomenal dental billing and collection services. Join hands with us today!

New York Dental Credentialing

PPO, DMO, HMO, DHMO, Medicaid, CHIP Credentialing in New York

With New York Dental Credentialing services, we quickly credential you with the insurance company, thereby reducing your stress and allowing you to focus on other things. We can register the practice with a National Provider Identifier (NPI), create a CAQH provider number, and handle your credentialing applications with the insurance companies of your choice. Reduce the paperwork and hassle for your office staff and say “No” to surprise enrollment expenses.

Once you outsource credential to us, you will be rest assured that it will be done correctly and on time. We will also keep you updated of the progress with each carrier.

Our credentialing experts negotiate the highest reimbursement rate for your practice, which means more to your bottom line. Let us ease your credentialing burden and get your credentialing application accepted the very first time.

New York Dental Insurance Verification

Dealing with insurance companies takes a lot of time with rejections. It not only takes much of your staff’s valuable time but also distracts you from patient care. By outsourcing Capline Dental Services for your practice’s needs, you will be able to spend less time on tracking insurance claims and more on providing exceptional patient care.

New York Dental Insurance Verification services allow you to simplify the insurance claim process so that you get paid faster. For a comprehensive insurance eligibility verification process, the following information is required:

The dates from which the policy is effective
Policy number
Compulsory documentation
Last date of the policy
Maximum & Deductibles
Coverage percentage
The category of plan
The waiting time for some procedures

By outsourcing us for your practice’s needs, we take away the stress of billing and claim management. This way you receive payment more quickly and more of your time is spent with patients.

Contact us to know how our experience can work to improve the revenue of your practice.

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