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Oklahoma Dental Billing and Collection

In order for any dental practice to continue to be successful they need to ensure that there is smooth billing and collection happening throughout the year. The challenges with any practice for consistent revenue cycle include gathering correct patient information; filing claims in the proper manner and doing routine follow ups for timely reimbursement. Oklahoma Dental Billing and Collection is renowned for providing top of the line assistance when it comes to improving your cash flows and increasing the efficiency of your revenue cycle.

Earning money is the main objective of every dental practice which can be streamlined by hiring dental insurance verification experts who are well aware of the process of verifying crucial information of patients with their respective insurance providers.

The professionals at Capline Services ensure daily processing of primary and secondary claims at a successful rate. They do this by employing a clean claims tool which checks claims accuracy, effective claims tracking, payment adjustment and posting, denial claim management as well as offers periodic reports that give a clear view of how your practice is doing. In addition, our company also offers detailed patient statements which reflect the date of the services rendered, type of services taken by the patient, description of treatments, charges levied and demographic details thereby presenting complete patient data.

In order to collect more revenue it is essential for any practice or healthcare institution to file claims which are free from any errors. We provide the right boost of productivity by keeping your collection department in order with fast dental insurance verification thereby creating a smooth revenue cycle which facilitates on time reimbursements.

Oklahoma Dental Credentialing

PPO, DMO, HMO, DHMO, Medicaid, CHIP Credentialing in Oklahoma

At Capline Dental services, our teams of experienced professionals really understand how important credentialing is which is why when you outsource to Oklahoma Dental Credentialing you get a team who can carry out the complex task of credentialing for you with ease. Be it any practice the core revenue cycle challenges stay the same i.e credentialing and enrollment as they can force a good amount of errors from the administrators in your office premises. Credentialing can consume more time than usual even if there is a small mistake in the application which is why we pay attention to detail avoiding delayed payments as well as can make the reimbursement process quite smooth and short just like it should be.

The debate around the need for dentists to get credentialed ended with mutual agreement from both dentists and patients as they realized that more and more patients seek insurance providers for paying the cost of treatment they receive. The insurance provider of the patient can be PPO, HMO, DHMO, DMO, Medicaid within each there being different types of plans. This is why the dentists need to get credentialed with each and every provider because they don’t know which provider their patient is using. By doing this for you we make the process of filling the application error free as there are strict guidelines which we know of and adhere to. We take care of the complete process of credentialing on your behalf right from applying for NPI to completing your CAQH profile. In addition, we also compile every necessary piece of documentation to get your practice credentialed as fast as possible.

Oklahoma Dental Insurance Verification

At Capline Dental services, our teams of IV experts verify the patient’s eligibility, active benefits as well as coverage with the insurance company for you. This helps us in ensuring that the entire process of getting paid is hassle-free and smooth. Dental Insurance Verification is of extreme importance because if in case the patient’s policy is outdated or the information in the form is incorrect there is a high chance of the claim getting denied.

Outsourcing verification to Oklahoma Dental Insurance Verification makes it easier for you and your team to focus strictly on patient care. Our experts understand how important it is to get every patient’s historical and current data. They work round the clock in coordination with insurance providers through call, web and fax so that they do not miss out on any information. This enables them to be very accurate and successful in their approach.

Below is a step by step guide of our thorough approach:

  • Obtaining member ID of patient
  • Getting the dates from which the policy is effective
  • Collection of coverage details like limitations, frequencies, history and waiting period
  • Updating patient records with the information obtained
  • Getting the verification document from the insurance provider
  • Uploading the verification document in the patient record

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