Manager Crosby Family Dental

Kudos to your team. We appreciate your fast response and thanks for improving our AR. I would not hesitate to recommend you all.

Jessica Garcia
Crosby Family Dental

Manager Liberty Family Dental

I know that we have only been with you for one year but ever since you have come on board with us and offered us your services, it has been great! You are really quick to answer back and make sure that the job is done.

Somer Smith
Liberty Family Dental

Manager Lavaca Dental

Thanks to Capline Dental Services for taking care of our Billing, Insurance Verification and Credentialing for our office since the past six months. That has helped our office to focus on our patients so much more.

Kimberly Cano
Lavaca Dental

Manager Smilepoint Dental

We recently opened our dental office and appreciate the services provided by Capline Dental Services. It has helped us to establish ourselves rather quickly. Great job!

Maria Hernandez
Smilepoint Dental