Texas Dental Billing & Collection

Running a dental or medical practice in Texas can be a complex task. In addition to patient care, there are many other daily operations that must run smoothly. Often, dental practices in Texas should outsource billing and collection services to ensure that all of their operations including billing, coding, collections, insurance issues and reimbursements are managed efficiently.

Collect your money upfront with Capline’s Dental Billing & Collection Services that are aimed at maximizing your revenue while freeing up your staff. With an excellent administrative support for your dental office, we make sure that your claims are sent on time.

Our professional billing experts understand that managing billing can be frustrating and time consuming. Therefore, we can alleviate your burden, reduce overhead cost and staff issues to improve revenue. Texas Dental Billing & Collection Services relieve your undue stress of all the problems related to dental billing claims by offering:

  • Daily submission of claims for prompt payment
  • Prevention of Claim denials
  • Authorization verification and tracking
  • Appeals and follow-up on denied claims to ensure maximum reimbursement
  • A simple, secure, HIPAA-compliant billing platform that enables efficient communication
  • Customizable reports that provide complete transparency

We aim to streamline the billing process, actively go after denials, increase total collections, to ensure that billing is running smoothly. Our primary focus is providing both accurate and prompt collections. We come up with a plan to effectively help your practice and provide billing solutions that result in increased cash flow. In order to reduce your operational cost and increase revenue, we customize services using our knowledge and experience.

We will discuss your practice’s collections and create an efficient billing process for your dental practice. With our assistance, you will be assured to get the reimbursement that you deserve. ​Contact us today to get a quote.

Texas Dental Credentialing

PPO, DMO, HMO, DHMO, Medicaid, CHIP Credentialing in Texas

We all know how time consuming and frustrating credentialing is. Let Capline take the burden of credentialing off your plate. We focus on your paperwork, so you can focus on your patients. Our credentialing experts understand what payers require and what actions are required to get successfully credentialed.

Texas Dental Credentialing Company works with providers to save your practice time and money. We have helped thousands of providers. When done wrong, Credentialing can cost you deeply. Credentialing errors and delays will cost thousands of dollars or much more. With the help of our expert credentialing team, you will see revenue improving and payments flowing. Our team will monitor your applications from scratch.

Texas Dental Insurance Verification

Since our inception in the industry, we have been understanding the complexity and importance of dental insurance eligibility and verification service for a dental practice. When preparing treatment plans, it is important to understand the eligibility and coverage of patient. Our primary focus is to help deliver services and get paid for it, while avoiding risk for claim denial, thereby resulting in complications for collecting money directly from the patient.

We stay on top of the entire process to collect information. Our team keeps everything ready for you, so that you can peacefully focus only on diagnosis, without worrying about last minute no show. Texas Dental Insurance Verification company has a knowledgeable team of IV experts who offer world class dental insurance verification service. Our years of experience in billing and insurance verification has helped to eliminate issues like:

  • Unhappy patients
  • Poor collection rate
  • Huge outstanding claims

Let us give you peace of mind by managing insurance for your practice. While we take care of dental insurance claim processing, you will be able to collect the money that is owed to your practice. Eliminate patient unhappiness, collection issues, and lower accounts receivable in your practice by outsourcing dental insurance verification.

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