Top 10 Dental News in 2020

Top 10 Dental News in 2020

TV news channels, news websites, newspapers, and all social media platforms are flooded with the stories of Covid-19. We get to know all sorts of troubled stories that involve the virus in human life in the last few months and it’s still nowhere to end! In this article, we have tried to explore some updates and news relevant to dentistry! Whether you are a dentist or a dental patient, this article would help you keep updated about what’s happening in dentistry amidst the Covid-19 crisis. Let’s take a look

1. Boston Dental Office Deploys Autonomous Robots to Eradicate Covid-19 Virus

In the times of the current crisis, the people world over are practicing social distancing and are living with limited communication with the outside world. Amidst the crisis, Boston Dental Office has installed UV Disinfection Robots to stop the spread of the virus within the dental office’s premises. The award-winning dental practice in Boston is the first dental office in the world to use the technology to clean the air in and around the premises of the dental office. The autonomous technology helps to remove harmful pathogens and superbugs on the surfaces and in the air within the premises through a highly effective process of disinfection. In a similar news, a field hospital in Wuhan has also installed UVD Robots to stop the spread of the virus.

2. ADA Launches Patient Communication Resource Centre

American Dental Association (ADA) has launched a Patient Return Resource Centre on July 7, 2020, with customizable communication tools for dental professionals to welcome patients back as the dental offices reopen for the patients amidst Covid-19 crisis. The guide is based on the ADA’s ‘Return to Work Interim Guidance Toolkit’. The 10-page members-only guide is to help both dental professionals and patients. To promote the guide across the US, the ADA is collaborating with the dental manufacturer ‘Dentsply Sirona’.

3. ADA, AADR seek evidence-based dentistry award nominations

Are you a dental professional? Do you have significant contributions under your name in the implementation and advancement of evidence-based dentistry? The American Dental Association (ADA) and American Association for Dental Research (AADR) are searching for such dental educators and clinicians. The last date for the nomination is Sept. 8, 2020. The winner will be rewarded with a plaque and $1000 in an online ceremony in December this year.

4. Dental practices continue to recover, says HPI poll

Dental practices are showing signs of continuous recovery, as per the survey conducted by the ADA Health policy Institute on the impact of Covid-19. The data was collected from nearly 5,000 dentists and the poll shows that the dental practitioners are making a smooth return to their practices in terms of revenue and customers.

5. University of Utah School of Dentistry office reopens to treat vulnerable population

Amidst COVID-19 crisis, the School of Dentistry at the University of Utah has resumed its services on May 20, 2020. The school has been the lifeline for dental patients in the Beehive state. At a time when COVID-19 is looming all over the world and the USA is one of the worst-hit countries, Dr. A.J. Smith, the associate dean for clinical affairs and patient care at the dental school, has said that “Part of the mission of the school is to provide care for many of the underserved communities across the state of Utah.” The school closed its office in March due to COVID-19 spread. About resuming the services to serve the patients medical needs, Dr. Smith said, “It’s in our DNA. We remain deeply committed to this work.”

6. Dentistry has never been without a risk of infection, says Ziad Al Asli, GM, EMS IMEA Region

Covid-19 crisis has affected almost all the industries. The virus has hit hard the entire dental industry including dentists, laboratories, and the trade. Talking about the prevention during corona times, Mr. Ziad Al Asali, General Manager of EMS Middle East, Africa, and India, has said that, “The importance of prevention has increased considerably during the corona crisis. There has never been dentistry without risk of infection. Those who choose a dental profession work at close quarters with the oral cavity and are aware of the risk of infection.”

7. Covid-19 Impact on Dental Milling Machines Market: Growth Forecast 2020-2026

The Dental milling machines market is reporting continuous growth in recent times when Covid-19 has possibly hit every sector hard. The market is expected to grow even more in the future and is likely to remain unaffected due to the virus’s impact.

8. Things to do to improve your dental practice during Covid-19 crisis, tells Dr. Pam Maragliano- Muni 

After her dental practice had to shut operations in March this year due to Covid-19, Dr. Pam Maragliano-Muni explored her passion for dentistry. She has shared how she improved her practice during this crisis! She replaced 50 percent of her team knowing that there have never been more qualified people unemployed as there are right now. Also, she increased her online presence as a lot of patients ask for online consultations these days. And, the last thing she did is to stay available for the patients. According to her, even if you are on vacation or a break, do not forget to be available for your patients through chats and calls, especially these days when your patients need you more than ever!

9. Dental classes of 2020 graduate virtually

The next generation of dentists in the USA graduated virtually as dental schools in North America conducted their graduation ceremonies online amidst Covid-19 risk. The dental schools commenced the ceremonies using online video sharing platforms such as Facebook live, Zoom, and YouTube. On the first ever instance of virtual ceremonies, Prof. Cherae Farmer-Dixon, Dean, Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry, said, “Virtual graduation does not minimize their degrees, it’s celebrating their accomplishments.”

10.How confident are you with the new infection control protocols in the age of COVID-19?

Covid-19 has forced dentists all over the world to implement several changes to their practice whether they like them or not! A recent survey conducted on more than 37,000 dental providers reveals that dentists or dental practice managers are either uncomfortable or under-confident to implement the required changes that the coronavirus has forced on their practices! The survey was conducted by DentaQuest Partnership. Dr. Sean Boynes, vice president of health improvement at the DentaQuest Partnership, says, “Educating providers to prioritize minimally invasive treatment options as the first line of care is one way to improve confidence.” According to the survey, nine in 10 dental providers have observed a vertical drop in the number of their patients. Due to Covid-19, almost 72 percent of the dental providers have reduced their staff!

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